Types Of Festive And Fun Baby Shower Games

Celebrating the coming of a baby is a great reason to get together with our friends, colleagues and of course, our families. Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves boring baby shower games. So take a look at our fun compilation of baby shower game ideas to make the event more memorable. Check on these ideas to help you organize a special and unforgettable baby shower:



Because I Said So

For this game you will need slips of paper for each guest, something to write with, and a bowl to collect the paper slips. To play this game, ask each of your guests to write down a piece of advice that they usually associate with their mom or dad on their slip of paper. It should only be a short piece of advice like, “Always wash your hands,” or “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Put all the written slips in the bowl. Mix them up and let everyone draw one paper slip. Ensure that no one draws their own advice. Have fun guessing who wrote each saying and if he/she will say it to his/her own child.

Don’t Drop the Baby

Give one egg to each of your guests and ask them to draw on it, so that the egg looks like a baby. Then ask them to form two or three-man teams depending on the number of your guests. The teams will have to race each other carrying the egg baby on a spoon. You can dictate whether guests can carry the spoon in their hands, or only with their mouths. This game is best played outdoors, but it can also be done indoors if you’re hosting your shower in a spacious room, like a dining hall or convention center. You can make a hardboiled egg first to avoid messy drops.


Do You Know Mom?

Prior to the start of the baby shower, compose a list of trivia questions about the soon-to-be-mom. The questions may revolve around facts or memories from her childhood, her more recent experiences, or anywhere in between. During the shower, read the questions so that everyone can hear you, then let your guests present their answers. For each question, record the guest who gave the correct answer. The guest who gets the most right wins.

Nursery Rhymes Quiz

This game is a good mental exercise for your guests. Record several verses or parts of well-known nursery songs, but intentionally leave certain sections blank. Print copies for each of your guests. As your guests arrive, distribute the quiz and ask them to fill the blanks to complete the nursery rhymes. Allow your guests only a few minutes at most to answer the quiz. The person who fills in the most blanks correctly wins.


What’s In That Diaper

Before the event begins, gather various items commonly associated with babies, such as pacifiers, milk bottles, etc. Prepare some diapers by taping each item inside so that the items will not be seen, and number each diaper. Keep a record of which numbers correspond with which item. At the event, take out the bundled diapers and ask the guests to guess what is inside of each diaper by only feeling and squeezing the diapers. You can also stuff the diaper with socks or others soft items to thicken the diapers and make the game more challenging. The guest who figures out the most items wins the game.

Diaper Raffle

You will need a lot of diapers for this game. To make the game more interesting, offer a unique jackpot prize to the winning ticket, such as a diaper cake you built yourself.There are tutorials online on how to make a diaper cake, and you should encourage your guests to bring their own packages of diapers. Clarify that the more diapers they contribute to the game, the more raffle tickets they will get to play. During the baby shower, hand out one ticket to each guest for each diaper they brought. Start your raffle,and reward your winners with some cute, memorable prizes for your top two or three rafflers, with one lucky parent winning the jackpot draw and taking home the diaper cake or whatever prize you choose.

Diaper Surprise

Before the party begins, put some candy bars in the oven then smear the gooey substance in the diaper. Keep a running list of which candy bar goes in each diaper. During the party, make them do a smelling test of each diaper and let them guess which type of candy is in each diaper. The best nose award goes to the guest with the highest number of correct guesses.

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