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How To Remove Clutter From Your House (Way To Reduce Your Stress)

Whether you’re simply running out of room or hoping to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, cleaning out the clutter is a fantastic way to refresh your home. Too many knick-knacks and stuffed closets can make people feel uncomfortable and even lead to anxiety, so if you’ve been wanting to do a bit of a detox from too much stuff, here’s how you can tackle the job.


Figure Out Which Areas Are Causing You Stress

First things first: take a few minutes to figure out where the most cluttered, disorganized places in your house are. Those are the ones that need to take priority. If you have a junk drawer that’s notorious for becoming a black hole full of odds and ends, find a way to keep it in order. If you’re tired of walking into a laundry room that’s completely chaotic, make that area your first big project. The sooner you address those problem spots, the faster you can start feeling more focused and productive.

Go Through Your Bathroom Cabinets

Pretty much every home has a handful of cabinets that are packed with expired medicine bottles, unused products, and unnecessary accessories. Take a few hours to dig through your bathroom and toss out the things you don’t need. Make sure that there aren’t piles of bobby pins obscuring your trays or mostly-empty travel-sized bottles lying around.

Don’t keep products you never actually use, even if they were expensive or you should use them. Then, find a way to organize the drawers and cabinets so that you can easily find whatever you need on hectic mornings or sleepy nights.

Tackle Your Overrun Closet and Jewelry Boxes

Let’s be honest: you have too many clothing items, knick-knacks, shoes, and jewelry pieces. American love revamping their wardrobes, but if you only wear half of what you own, it’s time to do a massive cleanout. Go slowly and evaluate each item thoroughly. If you haven’t worn it in the past six months, then it’s probably not worth keeping around. 

Once you’ve decided what items to get rid of, don’t just toss the bags in the garbage. The average American throws away roughly 80 pounds of clothing each year, which takes a huge toll on cities and the environment. Instead, take your bags to a donation center or recycle what you can. You can also post your high-quality clothing items or sell your jewelry.

Find Permanent Storage Solutions

Cleaning your house from top to bottom is pointless if you know that the clutter will eventually make its way back onto surfaces. Therefore, before you start stuffing pieces in drawers, remember that out of sight isn’t out of mind.

Decluttering means getting rid of what you don’t need and finding storage solutions for the things you do keep. If it bothers you that you have five remotes on your coffee table, figure out a way to store them every day. If you stumble across shoes in the entryway regularly, install a shelf nearby so you can eliminate the problem for good.

Clear Your Countertops

Viewing clutter on a daily basis can cause you to deal with chronic stress. By clearing space in your home, you can keep your mind organized and free. Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen surfaces, desktops, and bathroom counters can harbor plenty of clutter disguised as everyday objects. The less that’s on your surfaces, the more you’ll reap the rewards of a decluttered lifestyle. Come up with storage solutions that purposefully keep your belongings from obstructing the clean, clutter-free feel of your home.

Make Your Bedroom a Simple, Peaceful Place

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where you sleep and therefore rejuvenate your mind each and every day. To make your bedroom a place that’s mentally beneficial, there are a few things you can do. Pick bedding that’s light in color and calming to look at. Beaded pillows, bright colors, and uncomfortable materials can be a little too distracting. Also, keep your decor limited. Too many pieces can make the room feel chaotic, so pick a few pieces of art and other simple decorations, then call it quits.

Organization is also key in the place where you sleep. Keep your clothes sequestered in a closet and designate spots for all of your jewelry, books, blankets, and other personal items. You’ll find that you get a better night’s sleep when you ban clutter and keep the space tidy.

Put Away Seasonal Decorations

Sure, you love your adorable Jack-o-lanterns and Christmas wreaths, but they have no place in your home outside of their designated holiday months. Once the seasons change, take a look around your home to see what clutter you can pack away until next year.

Don’t just shove the decorations in cabinets or drawers. Instead, buy a few plastic boxes and store them in a permanent location. This will make holiday decorating easier later on, and it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that everything is in its rightful place.

In Conclusion

Starting the process of decluttering can seem overwhelming at first, but as long as you embrace it with dedication and intention, you’ll start to feel more at home in your house soon. Begin with the messiest areas, then focus on individual spots that need help. Before you know it, you might even enjoy the process of organizing and removing unnecessary items.

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