5 Reasons Why Your Testosterone Level Is Low

Testosterone is an important hormone which determines the ability to build muscle and also to stay lean and fit. Most men also think on the similar terms. It is an essential hormone for both men and women`s health. It also boosts libido which is again an important benefit. However, you need to understand that the benefits of testosterone are way much more than the ones listed above.

It is critical for everyone to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in our body. It helps our body fight depression, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and also prevents metabolic syndrome. It also keeps our heart healthy and the bones strong along with the overall vitality. As you get older the testosterone levels fall, however, if you maintain an optimal level of this hormone the chances of all-cause mortality is reduced.

With age, the levels decline at the rate of 1-2 % per year post the age of 40. Due to the current trend of high levels of diabetes and obesity, the levels of testosterone has fallen further down. There are many boosters available which work in different ways and you can visit http://www.testosteronesite.com/review/best-boosters/ to know more.

It is always good to maintain the levels of testosterone in our body. To achieve the optimal levels most people look towards supplements available in the market but it is not the best choice always. The levels of testosterone can vary largely in a healthy male. It has been found that only one out of the ten men who use supplements benefit from them.

Although using supplements only fixes the problem of maintaining the levels in our body but it does not fix the root cause of the problem. A lot of people are prescribed the testosterone creams and gels which usually do not work and often cause more problems in the long run. In most cases, it feels great during the first 4-8 weeks, however, the symptoms return and are worse than they actually started.

Let us look at some of the reasons for the low testosterone levels.

  1. Belly Fat

People who have high levels of belly fat should try to lose weight. Using boosters will not help much. The increase in belly fat results in an increased activity of the enzyme called aromatase. It converts the testosterone to estrogen which is a major reason for low levels of testosterone.

  1. Chronic inflation

Chronic inflammation is associated with high levels of belly fat. This is another cause of low levels of testosterone. Inflammation is not healthy for the mitochondrial function which is important for the healthy testosterone production. Losing the belly fat can also help control the mitochondrial damage.

  1. Hyper-Insulinemia

For people who are overweight and have systematic inflammation also suffer from high blood sugar and insulin levels. It is mostly due to high intake of processed sugar and carbohydrate. In case of people who have high levels of insulin, the levels of testosterone get shifted to androstenedione. One should go for low card diet and also include slow continuous and high-intensity training to help the body maintain a proper blood sugar and insulin balance.

  1. Less sleep

If you sleep well it will help your body produce more testosterone hormone. It is often overlooked and due to our current lifestyle the most hampered thing. With age, the total sleep time is directly proportional to your testosterone levels. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Anything less will only result in a decline in the testosterone levels.

  1. High-Stress levels

Although we have a 24/7 environment and we are always on the go, however, this also adds a lot of stress in our life. The stress hormone which is produced come from the same hormones which produce testosterone. People who overtrain can also experience low levels of testosterone. It is advisable to disconnect from the daily work and let the body rest to prevent stress from becoming a major problem.


There are other reasons as well which can lead to low levels of testosterone. Do not blindly use any supplement for testosterone. Instead of using supplements try to optimize the above points. This will help increase the testosterone levels and improve overall health.

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