How To Find The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror For Your Routine

Applying makeup is like an art. Women around the world take this art form seriously, and want to be as well prepared to get it right as they can be. Without being able to see yourself well, it’s going to be difficult to put your makeup on just the way you like it! To help with that problem, get the best lighted makeup mirror for your dressing room.

Regular mirrors aren’t cut out for beauty products. The light source usually comes from up above you, casting dark shadows on your face and giving an overall unflattering perspective. You also might have to stand too far away from the mirror to get a good look at what you’re doing. Making fine lines and small marks from far away is a recipe for mistakes! A makeup mirror is one of the best ways to fight these issues for good!

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Benefits Of A Great Lighted Makeup Mirror

What do you get from owning the best lighted makeup mirror? There are a few major benefits, but these are the main things:

  • See what you’re doing up close

Most makeup mirrors are magnified to a certain degree. This helps you get up close and personal with your makeup, so you can really tell if you’re doing it right or not. The last thing you want is to apply everything and then see you’ve made a mistake! Magnification lets you avoid a lot of the little issues from the beginning.

  • Illuminate your working area

As I briefly mentioned already, regular lighting in the bathroom or dressing room isn’t going to be ideal for putting on makeup. Most light sources for a room come from above, but this casts shadows on your face that may not give you a good impression of what the colors actually look like.

Also, light fixtures and lamps don’t always produce true white light, sometimes giving off different shades of light that might make your makeup look distorted. Makeup mirrors have lights all around the glass that will illuminate your face from the right level in a neutral light.

  • Do a better job applying your makeup

A makeup mirror won’t make you a beauty expert, but it gives you the absolute best circumstances for putting on your makeup. The chances are great that you’ll end up with better looks every time.

How To Choose The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Enter your text hereWhat do you need to look at in a makeup mirror? There are several important things to consider, including:

  • Magnification


Different levels of magnification exist on the various makeup mirrors. Some magnify as much as 10x, while others are not magnified or sit around 5x. What you like depends on your preferences. You can choose how close you want to see your face while you’re applying makeup.

For more detailed beauty routines, a large magnification might be a good idea. Anything that requires levels of detail, such as eye liner patterns around the eyes, are usually easier with higher magnification. Low magnification is great for general use and for whole-face makeup application.

  • Size


Mirrors can be large, small, or in the middle. Find one that fits your space requirements, especially if you have a tight space in your bathroom or on your dresser top.

  • Lighting


To have an effective lighted makeup mirror, you’ll want good quality lighting around the sides of the mirror glass. LEDs are the most common, because they cast a neutral glow and last for years without ever needing to be changed.

  • Settings


If you have any need for extra features and settings, check for mirrors that might offer you what you want. Many allow you to change the level of the light with the click of a button or by tapping on the screen. They should also be able to rotate and move enough for you to get the best angle while you’re working.

  • Portability


Designs of some makeup mirrors allow you to move around with them. If they’re small enough and aren’t built to be permanently connected anywhere, it’s easy to take the mirror on the go with you when you’re traveling and want your best look wherever you go.

  • Power Source


Since these mirrors have lights on them, it’s important to keep them powered if you want them to work right. Many are cordless and use batteries, so that they can also be portable. Others can be powered through USB or regular power outlets.

Top 5 Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews


Attach this makeup mirror on any normal bathroom surface and get a locking suction that will hold it steady while you’re doing your thing. It’s a 5.2 inch square glass with lights around the outside of the mirror. The suction locking device is attached to the back, ready to stick anywhere you need it. This glass has a 10x magnification for intense details in your beauty routine.


  • Natural LED lighting around all sides
  • Magnifies 10x
  • Adjust a full 360 degrees
  • Secure the mirror with locking suction
  • Cordless and portable
  • Comes with a travel pouch


  • No lower magnification choices available
  • “On” button is easy to press when traveling with the mirror

Whether you’re at home or traveling around, you can take this lighted makeup mirror with you and stick it to that hard surfaces of any bathroom. It locks into glass, stone, tiles, and similar surfaces without trouble, but you can detach it to carry with you on the go as well.

The 10x magnification is strong, helping you out when you need to see the fine details on your face for your beauty routine. A 16cm diameter all the way around, this circular mirror allows you to see most of your face on the glass at the same time.


  • Padded travel bag included
  • 360 degrees of adjustable movement
  • No cords or wires to trip over
  • Foldable for easy traveling and portability
  • Easy to use suction locking mechanism
  • 10x magnification for detailed beauty routines
  • Touch to turn on the lights, no buttons


  • Best if used on a horizontal surface, because of an imperfect suction lock
  • Mirror may start to droop after a bit of use

With a 6 inch circular mirror and another half inch of LED lights all around the edges, this is a great mirror to prepare yourself for the day or the evening. It locks securely onto many different hard surfaces, or you can set it up on a horizontal surface. The light produced by these LEDs has a very natural glow that won’t appear unflattering to your skin or your makeup shades. Turn the lights on and off with a touch activated button.


  • Padded, elegant travel bag included
  • Shows a very natural light color
  • 7x magnification is great for most beauty uses
  • No cords or re-charging necessary
  • Easy adjustability all around
  • Effective suction grip for a strong hold on hard surfaces


  • Only supports magnified view, no other options
  • Touch activation may turn on too easily while traveling

Instead of a portable travel-size makeup mirror, this is a stationary oval-shaped mirror with more height and style. It has fog-free viewing, and bright halo lights around the edges that cast a soft glow on your face as you’re doing your routine. You can swivel the glass around to have either 7x or 1x magnification, whichever you need the time, anytime.


  • Switch between 7x and 1x magnification on the spot
  • Stands beautifully on any countertop or horizontal surface
  • Easy to adjust to face you directly
  • No batteries are required for use
  • Halo lighting appears natural and glowing on the skin


  • Not an easily portable mirror
  • Lights don’t work without access to an outlet

This rectangular touch sensitive mirror is easy to set up on your countertops or in your room. It looks great, with a modern chic style that truly blends into your beautiful home. Not only does it have optimal brightness, but it has a large size that’s great for seeing your entire face at once.


  • Adjust the lights by dimming or using at full brightness
  • 10x spot available for detail work
  • Easily sits on any countertop space or surface
  • 20 LEDs for optimal brightness
  • Easy to adjust the direction of the mirror
  • Switch it on or off with a touch sensitive button
  • Batteries are included with the mirror purchase


  • 10x magnification spot attachment is small
  • Lights don’t get as bright as you might expect


​From the lighted makeup mirror reviews above, and based on the criteria mentioned in the beginning of this article, I want to recommend the Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror. It’s got a great shape and size for visibility, the 10x magnification is useful, and the lighting is excellent and natural-looking. All of this, combined with the fact that it’s easily portable and attaches anywhere makes this one of the best lighted makeup mirror choices you can make.

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