How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System

Oxycodone is known as a pain medication and is also known as narcotic. Oxycodone can help treat pain that is moderate to severe. Since this drug has an extended release, it is being used as a treatment for pain that is around-the-clock. It is also not advisable to use this type of medication on a daily basis.


Precautions When Taking Oxycodone

It is strongly advisable to avoid taking Oxycodone if you have breathing problems, severe asthma or if you are experiencing blockage in your intestines or the stomach. The reason behind this is because this medication might slow or even stop your breathing. This will usually happen for first-time takers and for people whose dosage has changed. Taking this drug in larger milligrams or longer than the doctor’s advised is not essential.

Another information that you should know is that it can be a habit forming even if you are taking them in doses that are regular. This is the reason why it is best always to follow the doctor’s orders to ensure that you are taking it the right way. If misused it can lead to overdose, addiction, and even death.

So How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System

As mentioned above, there are different factors that can contribute as to how long does Oxycodone can stay in your system. These factors will help determine on how long will the medication stay in specific parts in your system, including your hair follicles, urine, saliva, and blood. Below are some of the factors affecting the duration of Oxycodone in your body.

  • Body Mass

Bodies that are bulkier have a lot of fatty tissues, which is then used for the chemicals that you intake as a storehouse. This means that, the higher the body mass, the longer it is for Oxycodone to stay in your body.

  • Rate Of Your Metabolism

People who have a higher rate of metabolism have the ability to excrete Oxycodone out of their bodies immediately. On the other hand, individuals who have a lower rate of metabolism can slow the excretion of the medication out of your body.

  • Hydration Level Of Your Body

Hydrating your body with more water will help you to excrete the medication out of your body. This also means that it will no longer stay in your system for an extended period, compared to the ones who don’t hydrate.

These are some of the factors that can contribute as to how long that Oxycodone stay in your system. Let’s discuss on how long does this type of medication stay in a particular part of the system

  • Hair Follicles

Believe it or not, Oxycodone also stays in the hair follicles of a person, and they can, in fact, be detected. The reason for this is because narcotics can also be detected in this part of the system. For this medication, it will take 5 to 7 days before it starts to show up in your system. It will then be able to leave the hair follicles after three months.

  • Saliva

Whenever you consume Oxycodone orally, then it can be detected in your saliva. It will be detectable after taking the medication for 30 minutes. It will take a total of 96 hours or as long as four days before it starts to leave your system.

  • Blood

Oxycodone can be detected in the blood for as little as 30 minutes after you ingested it. It will then take one day or 25 hours before it starts to leave your blood.

How Long Does The Withdrawal Last From Oxycodone

The withdrawal that a patient might experience will depend on the frequency of used and the amount that Oxycodone used. The first few symptoms of the withdrawal will start to appear within the first 6 to 24 hours after you have taken the last dosage. It will usually be at its peak in the first week and will slowly tone down as the week passes.

  • Withdrawal - Day 1 to 2
  • Day 3 to 5
  • Day 6 to 8

Day 6 to 7 are the days where the symptoms physically will start to tone down. The psychological symptoms, on the other hand, will be stronger. Depression and anxiety are often noticed during these days as well. Diarrhea and nausea are also common during this phase.

Day 8 Onwards: After detoxicating the Oxycodone from your body, most of the users will feel awful for the things that they did while they were experiencing the symptoms. This is the reason why patients should strictly be monitored after taking the last dosage.


Oxycodone may have side effects, but doctors are prescribing this medication to patients who are already in a critical situation. The drug was developed to help people who are experiencing severe pain for them to be able to live a normal life. While Oxycodone is a drug that is strong with results that are effective, you should know that taking too much can be lethal.

This is the reason why it is strongly necessary to make sure that you are being monitored by your doctor and to firmly follow what is prescribed for you to avoid putting yourself at risk.

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