How Your Gut Affects Your Overall Health

If you struggle with digestive issues, you likely already understand the importance of gut health, but did you realize that your gut actually affects the rest of your body as well? Your digestive system is powerful, and when compromised, can lead to a host of maladies.

Your gut is chock full of bacteria—and that’s not a bad thing! Much of the bacteria found in your gut (70 trillion bacterial cells to be exact) is used for important body processes; however, when bad bacteria makes its way to the digestive system, your body can suffer immensely.


According to health experts, we should have about 80 percent good bacteria and 20 percent bad bacteria in our gut to be considered healthy. If that 20 percent reaches 30 percent, 40 percent, or even higher, it’s guarnateed you’ll start seeing warning signs. Let’s take a look at how gut health impacts your overall health.

Signs Your Gut Health Has Been Compromised

There are symptoms that can help you determine whether or not your gut needs a little bit of help. Consider if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Poor digestion: This seems like a no-brainer, but it must be said: if your gut bacteria is unbalanced, you’ll likely experience irregularities in your bowel movement.
  • Weakened immune system: Around 70 percent of your immune system’s power is found in the gut, and if your gut is imbalanced, your body will have a harder time functioning properly and warding off illnesses.
  • Mood: Your gut is directly linked to your brain. Researchers have studied the effect of gut changes in mice. In numerous studies, researchers successfully altered the mice’s behavior by altering their gut bacteria. Mice with a good ratio of good to bad bacteria proved to show less anxious behavior and they also seemed to be more adventurous.
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    Weight loss plateaus: If you’ve been hitting the gym and trying to lose weight to no avail, your gut bacteria could be to blame. The ratio of good to bad bacteria can influence your cravings, food absorption, and metabolic rate. Getting your gut in proper working order may help you accomplish that weight loss goal much sooner.

Tips for Getting Your Gut Health Back on Track

If you think your digestive system needs an overhaul, consider the following tips:

#1: Take probiotic supplements

Sometimes your body needs help, and probiotics can replenish the good bacteria in your digestive system. Supplements like Zacol NMX can direct important probiotics straight into the colon, including inulin and butyric acid—both known to boost gut health.

#2: Diversifying your diet

The more diverse your microbiome—the bacteria, fungi, and yeast that make up your digestive system—the better off you’ll be. A diet made up of a diverse array of foods can cultivate a diverse microbiome. This might mean switching up your current eating habits, as Western diets aren’t very diverse—and full of sugar and fat. Try to focus on getting your daily dose of vegetables and fruit, and keep diversity in mind as you plan out meals for the week. If you need a bit of helping planning your healthy meals, check out SunBasket, a recipe box delivery service

#3. Avoid Your Vices

We all have bad habits, and research proves that these vices can negatively impact our gut health. Consider ridding your diet of the following:

  • Alcohol: chronic alcohol consumption can result in dysbiosis, which occurs when the gut has more bad bacteria than it should
  • Artificial sweeteners: In multiple studies, researchers observed that animals who had been fed artificial sweeteners experienced significant changes in their gut bacteria—most often, a reduction in the good bacteria
  • Processed foods: That drive-thru may be convenient, but processed foods can be doing you irreparable harm. Stick to whole, natural foods, and skip the chips, dips, and heavily processed meats in the meantime.


Plenty of modern research has shown that an imbalanced gut can lead to a host of chronic medical conditions. Do what you can to boost your digestive health and watch the impact it has on the rest of your body and mind.

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