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Many teeth related problems affect a majority of people today. These may range from dental carries, bad breath, and gingivitis to misaligned teeth. Teeth problems may lower one’s self-esteem as they cause one to lose self-confidence. One sees himself as an inferior person and does not wish to associate with others to avoid being the laughing stock or even being mocked.

Do you suffer from any teeth problem and seeking a Dentist Hong Kong? Then you should find help from Ortho- center in Hong Kong. The center offers solutions to all dental problems. Here are some services that the center provides,

Orthodontic treatment

It is a field in dentistry that deals with poorly positioned teeth. The center offers these services in three criteria together with orthodontic appliances. The three criteria’s include,

  1. Children aged between 5-10 years

This group is treated with much care and using simple methods to avoid the need for them to seek treatment later in their lives. They get treatment for problems such as teeth that take long to erupt, teeth that do not bite each other, and teeth that stick out of the mouth.

  1. Teens aged between 10-18 years

This group can get services such as fixed appliances for teeth, clear teeth aligners and functional appliances and expanders.

  1. Adults aged 18 years and above

This group can get general tooth implants, tooth surgery, and other orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic appliances provided by the center include Dento-facial orthopedic appliances, labial braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces among many others.

Children dentistry

The center offers one of the best children dental care services in the world thereby ensuring your child’s healthy teeth. Some of the services provided concerning children dental care include fluoride treatment, filling, root canal treatment, cleaning of the teeth, general anesthesia, space maintaining, frenectomy, monitoring of dental development and prevention of dental decay among many more. The center also offers advice on the types of foods children should eat to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Is your child complaining about a persistent tooth problem? Then it is high time to visit Ortho-center in Hong Kong.

General and cosmetic dentistry

The center offers natural looking materials for teeth replacement. These materials are more durable and have less effect on a person. The dentists in the center provide the best care when placing these artificial teeth to ensure that no harm comes to the patient. These artificial cosmetic teeth are comfortable and function like natural teeth. The dentists are also able to use technologies such as lasers to perform other complex procedures associated with cosmetic teeth. This reduces the cost that comes with those procedures if one is referred to a dental specialist.

Teeth are among the most vital organs in our bodies. A tooth problem may cause one to have sleepless nights. It is therefore imperative to seek the services of a professional dentist occasionally to check on your teeth. To get the best Dentist Hong Kong visit Ortho-center. It is the right place to take care of your family’s teeth concerns.

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