Easy Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding

When you cut yourself while cooking, cleaning, or performing any activity your first instinct is to stop the bleeding. Most people act quickly by dressing the wound but what do you do if you don’t have anything to bandage yourself with? You’ll need to do something else to close up your cut. To help you, some helpful home remedies to stop bleeding have been compiled here for you to try if/when necessary.


​Information On Bleeding And Clotting

​The loss of blood from blood vessels that occurs when you have some kind of wound can be minor and superficial or deeper and more severe in nature. Most of the time, your cut is probably minor and can be controlled well enough by applying pressure with a tissue or towel but sometimes even a minor cut can cause bleeding that may be hard to get under control.

If you lose too much blood at one time it can lead to more severe problems including circulatory disruption and shock. This is why stopping the bleeding has to be a priority whenever you cut yourself (along with proper sanitization).

​When a cut starts to heal and the bleeding stops it’s a process called coagulation. This is when your body jumps into action to prevent you from losing any more blood from the wound. This is a complicated process, but generally speaking, the platelets in your blood, along with other proteins and chemical responses, form blood clots to stop the blood flow in order for the tissue to repair itself.

This occurs naturally when you have a bleeding cut but if the bleeding is too severe your body might not be able to work fast enough to do the job. This is where the home remedies to stop bleeding can help.

​Natural Products To Stop Bleeding

​There are natural things that you can easily find around your home that can stop a cut from bleeding faster so you lose less blood. If you have these items at home you can try out these different remedies on your own and see what works for you.

  • Water

Running water is great for aiding in coagulation while also working to clean the wound. When you get a cut, run cold water and move the cut under the cold stream. This works because the cold temperature of the water constricts your blood vessels so the bleeding stops faster. You can also use hot water which can cauterize the wound and cause coagulation.

Choose one temperature or the other but not both as they can counteract each other and slow the clotting process. If you have multiple cuts, jumping in the shower can clean and close them all at once.

  • Ice

Similar to water, you can also use an ice cube on a cut to constrict the blood vessels and close up the wound. This is one of the most widely known home remedies to stop bleeding. The ice can also work for pain relief for the wound and help keep any swelling at bay. For the best results, don’t apply an ice cube directly to a wound, wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply it to the wound instead.

  • Tea Bags

If you have a minor cut and want the bleeding to stop faster than normal, use a tea bag. The type of tea doesn’t matter in this case. Simply take a new tea bag, wet it slightly with water (don’t submerge or drench it), and press it directly onto the wound holding it in place for about 10 minutes. This is especially useful if you have a cut or injury in the mouth (like a pulled tooth).

  • White Vinegar

With natural astringent properties, white vinegar can stop your cut from bleeding faster. This solution constricts the vessels and speeds up the natural clotting process. Soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and apply it directly to the area in question. It will sting a little bit but it will work properly.

  • Eggs

The next time you crack an egg, pay attention the film that is left behind in the egg shell. This is the membrane of the eff and it can work nicely to seal cuts and wounds allowing your body to retain blood and clot easier. When you have a cut, crack an egg like you normally would and peel the membrane from the shell in as large as a piece as you can manage. Place the membrane over the cut directly. You should notice the blood flow decrease and stop in under a minute.

​Some other natural products around the home that you can use for minor cuts are:

  • Ground coffee powder
  • Goldenseal root powder
  • Black pepper (Note: this one hurts!)
  • Cayenne pepper (this stings but not as bad as black pepper)
  • Juniper sap (not common, but effective)
  • Cornstarch
  • Flour
  • Yarrow
  • Salt and water mixture

​With all of these, apply the item to the wound after cleaning it and allow it to work its individual magic.

​Other Methods To Stop Bleeding

The aforementioned home remedies to stop bleeding all dealt with natural products that you can use on their own. Here are a few home remedies that you’ll need other products around your home for quick relief.

  • Vaseline

The texture of Vaseline will naturally block the blood flow from a wound allowing it the time to clot naturally. Chapstick works in the same way. Smear either one onto the wound after cleaning it and leave it on without washing it off until the wound closes itself

  • Styptic pencils

This is a wax pencil that is used to stop the bleeding on small nicks and cuts caused by shaving and similar activities. All you have to do is rub the pencil over the wound. The pencil has minerals in it with astringent properties that allow it to stop any bleeding. This stings a little but the sensation goes away after a couple of seconds.

  • Antiperspirant

Much like the above pencil, antiperspirant contains ingredients, mainly aluminum chloride, which works as an astringent. Rub some onto your finger and apply it to the cut or simply rub the deodorant right onto the cut.

  • Mouthwash

Any type of mouthwash can help stop bleeding. Just pour the liquid over the wound or use a soaked cotton ball to dab it on the cut. It takes about a minute or two to stop the blood flow.

If using any of these methods, it’s recommended to wash the cut first so you don’t cause any additional irritation or seal dirt into the open wound. This is a good rule of thumb in general when dealing with open wounds.


When dealing with a bleeding wound always use your common sense. If the wound is too severe, treat it quickly with one of these home remedies to stop bleeding then seek medical attention immediately if you see that nothing is working. You don’t want to lose too much blood and impact your overall health.

If what you’re encountering is a minor cut, however, any of these home remedies can help stop the bleeding and treat the wound. Remember to dress the wound with a sterile bandage after treating the cut to help it heal and keep it clean.

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