How To Choose The Best Wipe Warmer For Baby

There are a lot of parenting items that may not be completely necessary, but can make your job as a caretaker a bit easier. Wipe warmers fit into this category for all but the rarest of cases where warmth is absolutely essential. For most parents, these little devices are a luxury that helps keep their baby calmer during diaper changes, especially those done at night. So, if you wanted to buy one, how would you know which was the best wipe warmer?

I want to talk about baby wipe warmers and help you know a bit more about them. I’ll explain a bit about the normal features and how to make a choice based on these features. Then, I’ll do a few reviews of my favorite baby wipe warmers so you can get an idea about what’s out there.

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What Is A Baby Wipe Warmer?

In short, wipe warmers are solid wipe dispensers that have a heating element inside. There aren’t any portable, battery-powered wipe warmers, so they are all stationary nursery accessories.

The main job of a wipe warmer is to store your baby wipes, whether cloth or otherwise, in a warm and germ-free environment. When you remove the wipes to use them, they should be a great temperature to easily wipe your baby clean without disturbing them with the cold.

Are Wipe Warmers A Fire Hazard?

Parents have asked about the safety of wipe warmers before, because they are heating up paper wipes that may dry out and catch flames. The truth is that while there may be some small risk of that happening, there is little chance of a fire catching from the wipes.

Unless the wipes are directly against the heating element (they should never be), it would need to reach a very high temperature in order to catch the paper on fire. Most wipe warmers have a very low maximum temperature range.

​How To Choose The Best Wipe Warmer?

​Here are the main characteristics of wipe warmers that you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Bacteria Control

One of the main issues of wipe warmers is that they create a warm, moist environment that bacteria can happily grow in. Most wipe warmers deal with this by either instructing you to use a certain chemical formula to keep away bacteria or including a UV lighted system. There are some other creative ways to keep bacteria growth at a minimum, but these are the most common ones.

  • Warming Method & Temperature Range

Heating elements might be on the top, bottom, or the sides depending on the device itself. Some elements use heated steam to get the wipes warm, while other just radiate heat into the compartment. Also, the temperature range of the heating element can make a difference between hot and warm wipes.

  • Capacity

Wipe warmers can hold different amounts of wipes, based on the size of their inner compartment. This is especially important if you want to use a specific size and brand of wipe, as they aren’t all the same in how they fit into a dispenser. Parents who use cloth wipes will also need to check the capacity carefully. 

  • Moisture Retention

Besides bacteria, the main problem most people site with wipe warmers is that they dry out or burn baby wipes. To help avoid this, many brands include some moisture guard system. For some, that means refilling a small basin of water at the bottom of the device.

Others have a reservoir that sprays mist into the wipe compartment. And still others include sponge at the bottom that needs to remain moist. The choice is yours based on what you would prefer and which you can handle easier.

  • Size

Depending on where you want to put the wipe warmer, you may look for a larger or smaller size. You already know there’s no portable warmers, so a cord is a necessity. Otherwise, the choice is yours whether you want to tuck it away or place it on the back of the toilet. Get the right size and shape for where you want to put it.

​Top 5 Best Wipe Warmer Reviews


This is a high capacity wipe holder that heats with a top element. The top heating element is a great solution to the dry wipe argument, because it keeps the ones on top the warmest, and they will be used more quickly than the other. It’s recommended to use continuous feed wipes so that they can easily be pulled from the dispensing compartment one after the other.

When wipes are running low, you can see how many are left through the clear indicator window on the side.A silicone seal is built in around theWarner opening in the dispenser, to help lock in the moisture and keep wipes from drying out inside the heated space.

As an added feature, there is a soft changing light that will automatically turn off within 10 minutes of being turned on. This helps you to get a diaper change done at night without fully waking your baby.


  • Works will all different brands of disposable and cloth wipes
  • Wipes are kept warm, not hot
  • Sturdy container that’s not likely to break, even if it’s knocked over
  • Easy to use and seals tightly closed


  • Condensation can collect inside and block the indicator window
  • When wipes get lower, they don’t heat up as well

Although this warmer is specifically designed to work for cloth baby wipes, it’s also useable with regular disposable wipes. However, the Warmies brand cloth wipes will fit best inside the container. There is a sponge pillow at the bottom of the container that’s meant to hold a bit of water and keep the dispensing compartment moist. Most wipes will not dry out while water is in the sponge.

The warmer holds up to 16 cloth wipes at once and a larger number of disposable wipes. You will actually get 4 cloth wipes with this set, so you can start off in that direction if you want to. Wipes will come out of the warmer as a pleasant temperature that’s not too hot or too cold to shock your baby.


  • Works well even if the sponge is removed
  • Compatible with all types of baby wipe solution
  • 4 cloth wipes included in the set
  • Fits all brands of cloth or disposable wipes


  • Interior sponge needs to be replaced to avoid mold
  • Night light is a bit too bright and may disturb your baby at night

Bundle Tumble ComfyClean Baby Wipe Warmer

Bundle Tumble designed this wipe warmer with a unique two lid style that helps it to be a little more convenient for you. The small lid on the very top is where the wipes will come out when you need them. On the lower part, the larger lid helps you open up the dispenser compartment to add more wipes or water for the reservoir.

This warmer uses a steaming system to warm up the wipes while also keeping them moist. Because of this, you’ll need to keep it filled with enough water to work effectively all the time. An indicator light will help you to know when you should refill the water if it’s low. Many standard-sized disposable wipes can be compatible with this device, and some cloth wipes if they are folded the right way.


  • Energy efficient, yet it warms up the wipes nicely
  • Great for kids with sensitive skin
  • Holds around 80 standard sized disposable wipes
  • Wipes stay moist and don’t dry out or burn


  • Water must be refilled into the reservoir to make sure it stays active all the time
  • Cloth interior parts (for keeping it moist) may need replacement to avoid mold

Warming your wipes from the top down is a good way to keep them from drying out or getting browned. This system has the heating element on the top, so the next few wipes you will be using will stay warmer than the ones at the bottom. Moisture is retained in the compartment by adding a little bit of water to the bottom and sealing the moisture in with a tight silicone lid.

Cloth and disposable wipes are both compatible with this warmer, because it’s large enough to fit a good pile of other type. When the wipes are getting low, you can see the amount left through the clear plastic viewing window on the front. Wipes are easy to reach through a small flip-top lid on the very top of the device.


  • Warms all of the wipes in the compartment, not just the very top wipe
  • Power light indicates when the device is on or off
  • Includes a dim nightlight on the front for diaper changes
  • Detachable cord allows you to carry the warmer to your changing location and return it to the charger afterwards
  • Warms the top wipes within about 20 minutes


  • Cannot usually fit an entire refill wipes pack at once
  • When running low, bottom wipes don’t warm up as well from the top heating element

Built is a specially formulated additive that’s said to keep away mold and bacteria growth, this plastic warmer is great for diaper changes with all types of wipes. It works well with the name brand cloth wipes or other cloth and disposable wipes as well.Moisture retention is integrated into the design, with a type sealing lid and an insulated body.

Your baby wipes will stay moist and warm inside the unit until you need them. Some reports have been made that this is a fire hazard, because of water getting into the power cord port. Not all customers have this complaint, so it may be just a few defective models.


  • Sleek design looks nice in the nursery
  • Fits all kinds of baby wipes
  • Excellent moisture retention
  • Helps to keep away bacteria and mold


  • Power indicator light is too bright and cannot be turned off but it can be covered
  • Sponge at the bottom must be replaced regularly


Out of the 5 wipe warmer reviews above, I would say that the Hiccapop wipe warmer is my favorite. I think it’s one of the best wipe warmer devices, because it warms from the top and keeps from drying out or over-heating wipes. It retains moisture well without needing a lot of maintenance.

Although it doesn’t have any particular bacteria control methods, it is easy to clean out when you use up the wipes in the container. Also, it fits a whole lot of baby wipes, cloth or disposable. In my opinion, that’s what makes it the best choice out of these 5, and from others I have seen around the web.

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