Will CBD Help My Diabetes? (That Actually Work)

When someone’s body has trouble regulating the level of sugar in their bloodstream, it leads to diabete. This happens when their pancreas can’t produce insulin,or when receptors in their body can’t identify sugars to tell the pancreas to produce insulin.

Basically, someone can suffer from Type 1 diabetes if their body can’t produce insulin, and Type 2 if their body can’t use the insulin in a sufficient way.

Diabetes affects over 400 million people worldwide. Most patients use prescription meds that are both expensive and can cause some serious side effects. This is why diabetics have started turning to alternative medicines and most of them have discovered that CBD can be of great help and some have even replaced their regular medication with CBD oil and claim that they had little to no side effects at all.

CBD and diabetes – could it actually be a cure?

To see how CBD could help your diabetes, we need to take a look at how it could help with the symptoms related to irregular levels of blood sugar.

Some studies suggest that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a key role is diabetes, since patients who suffer from Type 2 diabetes have more elevated levels of endocannabinoids.

CBD is a natural cannabinoid that has been shown to have therapeutic properties that could have an important role in helping diabetics with their disease. When CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid system its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce neuropathic pain caused by diabetes.

CB1 receptors are responsible for weight gain and when CBD enters your bloodstream it blocks these receptors and this helps your body increase insulin secretion. CBD also helps with weight loss and reduces the risk of obesity, which is the biggest problem with Type 2 diabetes.

There is also research that indicates that CBD reduces inflammation, vascular hyperpermeability, cell death and oxidative stress which are all problems experienced by diabetes suffers. When patients take CBD, there is a high chance that their need for insulin will reduce.

Various studies were conducted to show the possible effect of CBD on diabetes, most notably the study Doctor Raphael Mechoulam ran at the Hebrew University Jerusalem. He observed that CBD receptors exists in multiple body tissues and that CBD could have a positive impact on diabetics because it reduces their pain, improves their immune system, cell growth and heart function as well as sugar metabolism.

How much CBD should patients take for their diabetes?

Each patient is unique and not everyone reacts to treatment with CBD in the same way, so it’s best to start with 1-2 drops of CBD and increase the dosage by 1-2 drops every couple of weeks. Even though treating diabetes with CBD is still relatively new, it’s already showing promising results.

It’s important to remember that CBD might not work for all diabetics but the majority of patients who have tried it out have reported that it’s highly therapeutic. If you’re thinking about trying CBD talk to your doctor and see if it’s the best choice for you.

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