Causes Of Depression You May Not Have Been Aware Of

Depression is a debilitating disease that deprives sufferers from leading a happy and fulfilled life. It can happen to anyone at any age and takes a combination of self-care and medical intervention to overcome. As it can come as a surprise to those who suffer from it, many wonder how they ended up in this emotional state.

Stress, financial trouble, and relationship problems are pretty common, but are these really the only factors that can contribute to depression?

The answer is No. Here are some causes you may not have been aware of. If you’re battling depression and can’t figure out why or how to get past it, getting help from mental health experts like those at Pulse TMS is advised. Failing to tackle depression early on can lead to more physical and emotional problems.

Warm Weather

You’ve probably heard of the winter blues before. Shorter days, lack of sunlight, the stress of the holidays, it’s all enough to make a person feel depressed. However, winter isn’t the only season that could have you down in the dumps. In fact, summer can also be a source of your depression. Essentially, your body is having a difficult time adjusting to the change in seasons and becomes chemically imbalanced causing periods of depression.

Smoking Cigarettes

Some would argue that people who are depressed tend to smoke more. However, smoking could be keeping you down. Nicotine, an ingredient found in cigarettes, has properties that can alter neurotransmitter activity causing the brain to release high levels of dopamine and serotonin.

Thyroid Disease

If you’ve been feeling tired, dealing with digestive issues, and have developed a sensitivity to cold along with feeling depressed you could have thyroid disease. When the thyroid gland doesn’t release enough hormones it results in hypothyroidism. As the hormones help to regulate the serotonin, when it isn’t functioning properly this can cause depression.

Where You Live

If you happen to live in the city where things are constantly moving at a fast pace, your environment can quickly become a source of depression.

Too Many Choices

The freedom of choice would seem to be an advantage, however, when there are too many decisions to make it can become emotionally overwhelming. You begin obsessing over the various options you have and extensively conducting research to make sure that you make the best decision which can put you in emotional overdrive.

Your Medication

Are you being treated for something that requires you to take medication? As all medication has some side effects, you should consider reading the label. Many of them list depression as a possible effect to using the prescription drug. From birth control pills to drugs for anxiety and sleeping pills there are a lot of sources that could be triggering your depression.

If you’ve been looking over your life trying to figure out why you’re so depressed lately, you may want to check these possibilities above. Determining a source and being aware of the warning signs can essentially help you to come up with a solution. Whether it be to make lifestyle changes, quit bad habits, request new medications, or seek professional help, they can all be very instrumental in helping you to ward off depression for good.

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