Best Wrist Braces & Support: List + Reviews 2018

Your wrists are under a lot of pressure all of the time even if you don’t realize it. From lifting grocery bags, pushing carts, and typing on the computer, your wrists take a lot of abuse and can end up causing you soreness or pain. In extreme cases, the pain can be intense enough to immobilize you and to even keep you up at night.

When this happens you’ll want some support and relief from the pain. This is where wrist braces come into play. They can help minimize the pain and help you get through necessary activities that may be nearly impossible without the braces.


If you’re considering purchasing a wrist brace for yourself, there are things that you should know before spending your money. Here, you’ll see reviews for some of the best wrist braces on the market while also learning more about them.

Three Top Wrist Braces On The Market (List + Reviews 2018)

Like any kind of product, there are a lot of different wrist braces on the market. Each one has its own features and works better for some people than others. Here, three of the top wrist braces on the market have been reviewed for your convenience. You’ll be able to compare these three to each other and see which one sounds like the best option for you.

This brand is quite popular and trusted even by premier athletes. This specific wrist brace comes in options for both the right and left hand so you’ll have to make sure that you pick up the right one for your specific needs (or both if you need one for each wrist).

The Muller Fitted wrist brace uses green technology to produce a snug-fitting brace that supports your wrist while also relieving pain and keeping you comfortable. It’s made of a breathable material that will help minimize sweating, itching, and chaffing. The green fabric technology used also reduces odors that can sometimes build up in braces worn frequently. Similarly, it also prevents the growth of bacteria on the brace.

It features a metal interior that is sewn into the breathable material. This ensures that your wrist stays properly aligned and supported to avoid additional pain but still allows your fingers and thumb a full range of motion. The Muller brace can also be adjusted with the attached straps for the best fit possible. It’s also durable and quite affordable.

This specific brace is great for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, acute or chronic pain from repeated motions like playing sports, post-operative pain, or while recovering from an injury. It’s also great for people looking for relief from tendonitis or arthritis.

Another popular wrist brace is the Wellgate Perfect Fit brace designed specifically for women. It’s made of a softer material than other braces to appeal to women who are looking for a more comfortable form of support. Since it’s made specifically for women it also comes in a more slender and sleek design so it can be worn under clothing. It’s made to relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and average sprains and strains.

You can use this while working on a computer, while performing daily activities, or even while you sleep. It’s made of lightweight materials that allow for better airflow to prevent sweating and chaffing. There are also two stabilizers in the brace to properly align and support your wrist.

The Wellgate brace has specific products for the right and left wrist so you’ll have to make sure you get the right one for your individual needs. However, once you get the right one, it is a one-size-fits-most design that can be adjusted for your wrist. It’s another affordable option that will also last you a while even with frequent use.

One of the most popular brands for all kinds of braces, CopperJoint is known for making durable and effective wrist braces that will give you the support and pain relief you’re looking for. Unlike the other brands, it’s slightly more expensive but comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

This wrist brace features compression technology that is ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and general wrist pain/discomfort. It is sleek enough to be worn under clothing and even other sporting equipment like golf gloves so you can wear it while performing activities or playing sports. The specific design also promotes circulation to the wrist and is great for sore muscles and general stiffness.

The material used in the brace also prevents odors from building up after frequent use. Made of copper-infused nylon, the wrist brace also features moisture-wicking fabric that prevents sweating and discomfort. Thanks to a thermal stabilizer in the brace, it can also provide proper joint temperature to help with pain and stiffness. Similar to other brands, CopperJoint’s brace also features special materials that prevent the buildup of bacteria.

While most braces have straps for an adjustable fit, CopperJoint makes a range of sizes so that you can get a proper fit for your specific wrist. Measure your entire wrist slightly below the bone and get the circumference of the area. This determines what size you’ll need. The smallest size will fit wrists as small as 12 centimeters while the largest size (XL) will fit wrists as big as 21 centimeters.

What Are Wrist Braces?

These are tight supports that are worn on your wrist(s) in order to keep it properly aligned while doing specific activities, to reduce pain, or to recover from an injury. There are different types available that provide different features and are made for different ailments. However, in general, they’re used to restrict movement in the joint without too much inconvenience as you’re left with the ability to move and use your fingers.

When looking for a good brace you’ll want to look for one that offers your good support while still allowing you use of your fingers. You can also look for ones with more or less padding for a comfortable fit that matches your needs. For example, you might want one without a lot of padding so you can wear it under clothing.

You should also look at the material the brace is made of. You can find lightweight options that allow for better airflow or you can find others that have more insulation or thermal stabilizers that keep your joints slightly warm. For your specific needs, you may also look to see how supportive the brace is. Some have metal inserts for additional support while others use plastic inserts or similar materials.

Finally, look for how the brace fits. Some are fully adjustable for all wrists while others come in specific sizes for a more individual fit.

Types Of Wrist Braces & Supports

As stated earlier, there are different types of wrist braces that offer different types of features and support. Here are some of the main categories that these supports fall under.

  • Standard Supports :These braces—sometimes called splints—are the most common and are used for general injuries and pain management. If you have acute pain from a small injury or chronic pain from something like carpal tunnel syndrome, these are a good option. They’re made to support your wrist and prevent further pain.
  • Sports Braces :These are wrist braces that are meant to be worn while you play a sport especially sports that call for wrist movement (tennis, golf, etc.). Sports braces will give you additional support as you play and protect you from strains and other sports-related injuries. They can also help you recover from those injuries as you rehab and get back into playing shape.
  • Postoperative Braces :Wrist braces that fall under this category are specifically made for people who had surgery on their wrists and are in recovery. They are quite larger than other braces and will more than likely provide you with less mobility so that your wrist can recover from the surgery properly. Postoperative braces are usually prescribed and fitted by a doctor but can also be purchased individually.
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    RSI Braces: Like the standard brace, this is a common type of wrist brace that is made for people who suffer from recurring injuries or chronic pain. These are good for people who suffer from sports-based injuries or from people who work on computers for hours a day and are prone to wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. These braces help with pain management and relieve pressure in the wrist as it keeps your wrist in a neutral position.

How Does A Wrist Brace Work?

A wrist brace is supposed to support your wrist while also immobilizing it to a degree. Each one does this in different ways. The general idea, however, is to keep your wrist in a neutral position so there is no strain or pressure that can add to your pain or irritate the area after surgery.

They’re ideal for people who are looking to continue their daily activities while minimizing pain and irritation. They should always fit tightly while still allowing you to move your fingers and maintain circulation.


Wrist braces are great options for people looking for pain management and support after a surgery or injury or to avoid serious injuries by providing you more stability and relieving pressure to the area. If you’re dealing with pain and looking for additional support for your wrist(s) a good wrist brace that suits your specific needs can help. Compare the three popular options here and pick one that can help you best.

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