What Is The Best Manual Breast Pump For Mothers?

Pumping breast milk is such a helpful habit for working moms or any breastfeeding mothers that want to be able to spend some time away from the baby without substituting formula or losing your milk supply. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re interested in knowing more about manual breast pumps. I am going to show you what you should consider when looking for the best manual breast pump.

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Why Use A Manual Breast Pump?

There are a lot of manual breast pump reviews that say these things are too slow, hard to use, or inconvenient, but sometimes they are exactly what you might need. For instance, if you want a pump that very lightweight, small enough to fit in any bag, and doesn’t require electricity, a manual pump is a perfect fit for you.

These pumps are usually more discreet because of their small size, and they work well to help you discharge all your milk in a manner that feels a bit more natural to many women. They are perfect for mom’s who don’t need to pump constantly throughout the day. If you need to pump a lot, you might consider an electric pump to exert less effort and pump more quickly.

How To Choose The Best Manual Breast Pump

Here the features you should look at when you’re choosing a manual breast pump:

  • Portability

Ease of carrying is one of the prime benefits of a manual pump, so it’s useful to look for one that fits your portability needs. If you use a smaller bag, choose a pump that’s very small and easy to stuff into tighter spaces.Weight is the other important part of portability. Most manual pumps weigh very little, but occasionally you’ll run into a pump that’s far heavier than it should be. Look for a lightweight pump if you want to take it out and about with you at any point.

  • Ease Of Use

There are a few things to think about with this category: number of pieces, pump design, and efficiency. If your breast pump has too many pieces that you have to put together before it starts working, it just gets too complicated for everyday use. Also, remember that you’ll have to know exactly what goes where if you want to disassemble it for cleaning.

Design of the pump also helps you to know whether it will be easy to use or not. The two main types of manual pumps are the pull tab and the lever squeeze handles. One requires a back and forth or up and down motion of you pulling on a long tab, while the other involves simply squeezing a lever, as you would with a large spray bottle.

Efficiency just means that whatever design the bottle was created with works like it’s supposed to and doesn’t require anything crazy from you.

  • Cleaning

Breast pumps need to be cleaned after each use (not sterilized each time, but cleaned with warm soapy water). If you get one that’s hard to clean, you will have a difficult time getting it ready for the next use whenever you need it.

  • Mechanism

ReliabilityIf your pump isn’t reliable, there’s nothing you can do to make it any better. You have to know that the pump mechanism itself works well without any hassle or any stops. Some pumps are not made of high quality materials, so they can easily break if you’re using them more often. Others are designed poorly, and they can’t handle pumping for very long without having problems.

  • Safe Use

It’s difficult to find a breast pump that isn’t made to meet the very high safety standards within the industry, but if you find an old model than it’s possible. Just make sure the pump is made with BPA-free, safe plastic products, is easily cleanable, is new and completely unused, and is capable of being sanitized easily. These are the main safety features to look out for with manual breast pumps.

Top 5 Manual Breast Pump Reviews


​The Bundle Tumble breast pump has an ergonomic handle design that makes it convenient for mothers who want to pump manually. You can manage to do it with just one hand, instead of always having to reserve both hands for the task. It’s very lightweight and is not bulky at all, making it a good fit for traveling around with your pump.

Pump design for this breast pump really helps you to express milk quickly and smoothly, without have to hassle with it or pump for a long time. The included flange is a good size for most women to use.


  • Accommodates different breast sizes easily
  • Pump doesn’t make much effort to use
  • Pumps extracts milk without pain
  • Made from 100% safe, food-grade plastic materials
  • Compatible with many wide-neck bottles


  • Flange included with the pump only comes in one size
  • Not very efficient for multiple daily pumps


​This company has a great reputation when it comes to making the best manual breast pump, as well as electric pumps too. A newer design is featured on this pump, and it makes it much easier to pump than before. Most women can even use this pump with one hand instead of two, because of the easy to use pump and the included milk bottle stand.

It's not made of many detachable pieces, which means it’s quite easy to clean out after use. Mothers will also find that the pump mechanism is intuitive and very simple to start using while you do other things with your free hand.


  • Convenient 2-Phase expression is faster and easy to use
  • Compatible with a variety of breast shields and regular bottles
  • Easy to travel with this small and lightweight pump
  • The pumping goes easy on moms with tender nipples from breastfeeding
  • Cleaning is a snap


  • O-rings in the pump have given some moms trouble with suction
  • Some parts don’t detach well for cleaning


​You’ll see when you look at this pump that it doesn’t look quite like a lot of other manual breast pumps. The unusual shape is said to help you pump at a more comfortable and natural angle, instead of stressing your breasts to remain in an unnatural position while you’re pumping. Avent have made the handle ergonomically comfortable and very function for an easy pumping experience.

All of the parts of this pump that come into contact with your breast are soft and comfortable, helping you get into the pumping session quicker than usual and to remain pumping for longer.


  • Compatible with every Avent product, as well as other brands
  • Little effort goes a long way in expressing milk
  • Quiet when you’re pumping milk
  • Very comfortable for moms pumping milk, even if you have sore nipples


  • More time needed to assemble
  • Not as effective for larger nipples


​This pump is touted as one of the best for women with large breasts, because of the design that accommodates larger nipples and overall breast sizes more easily. It’s very simple to set it up and start pumping with the small lever handle. The shape and size make this pump ideal for travel, because it’s very skinny and light.


  • Compatible with almost every standard sized milk bottle
  • Easy to move around with this breast pump
  • Shield is soft and comfortable for pumping
  • Quiet when operating


  • Your hands might start getting tired after 5 – 10 minutes of pumping with 1 hand
  • This specific model has now been discontinued from the manufacturer


​As a more basic option for breast pumping moms, this manual pump is convenient and easy to learn to use. It’s made to work with women of different breast sizes by simple changing out the silicone breast shield attachment to a smaller or larger size. Taking it apart and cleaning all of the pieces is easy, and you won’t have any trouble remembering where everything goes!


  • Setup is quick and pumping can be done immediately
  • Uses a quiet, manual design that won’t disturb your baby
  • Easy to use if you’re breastfeeding on one side and want to catch any spills from the other side
  • Compatible with many popular bottle types


  • Suction can be a bi strong and may hurt your nipples
  • Your wrists or hands may get tired from this pump


Out of these 5 manual breast pump reviews, I would have to sat the one that I recommend the most is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. Not only is the 2-phase expression very good at mimicking a baby latching for letdown, it’s also simple to use it with other bottles or to pump quickly when needed. These and a few other things make it one of the best manual breast pump winners in my opinion!

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