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Do you take care of your feet? Honestly? The statistics show that more than two-thirds of population in America suffers from feet pain, and only one-third of those people take care by visiting a professional podiatrist. Taking care of your feet should be a daily obligation, and it doesn’t have to be a nuisance; quite contrary, it can be a pleasure, if you introduce the best foot spa machine to your feet, every day when you return from work.

Here’s how to find it, and start caring about your feet while enjoying as well !




Product Name



Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

95 /100


Foot Bath Massager FM3830A by PIBBS

96 /100


All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager MS0810M by Kendal

98 /100


All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager FBD1023 by Kendal

99 /100


All-In-One Foot Spa Machine MS0809M from Kendal

98 /100

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Benefits Of Having A Foot Spa Machine

Foot spa machine is a genius device that helps with sore feet, tiredness, aches, and stress. It’s quite known that our feet have dozens of nerve endings and acupuncture spots that can affect our entire body, and impact our wellbeing. The difference that a regular feet spa treatment can bring in a person’s life and health is quite substantial, and here are the benefits having a foot spa machine brings:

Stress, Anxiety, And Depression Relieve

The soothing effect of foot spa massage will enhance your overall calmness and stimulate the release of endorphins in your brain, the primary counterparts of stress hormone. Furthermore, the continued foot spa lowers anxiety levels as well, bringing inner calmness and overall positive state, especially when the usage of this device becomes a habit. After this habit takes place for some time, users have a positive stimulation to anti-depression agents and improvement of the mind-body connection.

Less Painful Headaches And Less Headaches Overall

The release of endorphins mentioned above, which comes from the relaxing effect of foot spa massage provoke loosen the tight nerves in the brain and relax the stiff neck and shoulder muscles. The enhanced blood flow and overall relaxation sensation that flows through the body relaxes the brain as well, letting go of any worries and problems you encountered that day. The repeated and scheduled treatment with this sensation provokes the overall improvement of the body, calming the headache triggers.

Better Sleep, No Insomnia

The deep relaxation achieved from feet massage these devices provide will help you go to sleep very efficiently. Insomnia sufferers can also use a foot spa machine to help themselves overcome this uncomfortable issue. Combined with essential oils and aromatic salts, foot spa machines will make your evening ritual a fantastic sensation that will help you fall asleep in no time.

Enhanced Blood Flow & Blood Pressure

The feet contain dozens of blood vessels, all connected to the main bloodlines in the legs. The continued feet spa therapy spreads them further, enabling more space for the bloodstream, which results in an enhanced blood flow. Besides this, feet spa relaxation cures the stiffness and pain from walking or standing a lot, and wearing uncomfortable shoes. Furthermore, the enhanced blood flow helps lower the blood pressure.

What Makes The Best Foot Spa Machine?

To get the best one for your needs, you definitely have to make an effort browsing through the available products on the market, comparing them and making a decision, which can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have experience with these machines.

That’s why we’re here today; we’ll list the features that make the best foot spa machine, categorized by importance:

#1. Jets, Rollers, & Magnets

These three are the main components of the foot spa machine, first three things you need to look for. Depending on the model and its features, you’ll either get stronger jets but weaker rollers, more powerful jets, and rollers with no magnets, or all three. Inspect the jets power, a number of rollers and their rotating speeds & vibration levels, as well as the presence of magnetic field therapy. The quality of the foot spa massager depends on the quality of these three components.

#2. Size

When we talk size, it’s not the size of the actual device we’re talking about; it’s the size of the inner compartment where you put your feet. Quite important feature to watch out for, especially if you have bigger feet. Know your feet size in inches (both length and width) and compare it with the inner placements to ensure the proper fitting. No one wants to get a perfect foot spa machine only to discover later that the internal size is inadequate.

#3. Heating & Bubbles

These two functions determine the water manipulation of the foot spa machine. You should inspect if the machine has these features, and how sophisticated these features are. There is a big difference between a mediocre, mild spa treatment without bubbles and a three-heat-levels-adjustable bubble bath that will rejuvenate your feet and bring you into the state of ultimate relaxation.

Some people won’t like the bubbles though, and that’s completely fine (they can tickle sensitive feet), so the possibility to turn them off is quite essential.

#4. Programs & Remote Control

The third category brings us to the finer levels of adjustment and personalization; the different programs and a remote-control function. When you inspect a foot spa machine, check the possible programs and their features, the number of combinations and their benefits. Additionally, the remote will bring the real satisfaction; no one wants to get down to change the program or adjust vibration or temperature.

#5. Using Salts & Oils

Some models are designed for the usage of salts and oils without problems, while others aren’t. Don’t make a mistake and learn it the hard way. Scrutinize the product and know is it salt and oil safe. Foot spa machine reviews might be helpful here; you can find them anywhere on the web.

#6. Water Removal

This feature isn’t of the great importance, but it brings quite the functionality and value. When your session is complete, you just want to get over with the water and go to sleep (or continue with the day, depending on the time of usage). An automatic drain hole for easy removal will make the water removal quite straightforward and efficient.

Now, when you know what you should look for (and in which order) in a foot spa machine, it’s easy to know if a product is a bust. Let’s check some of the current top models on the market to see what they offer for shoppers:

Top 5 Best Home Foot Spa Reviews 2017

#1: Deluxe Motorized Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager by Carepeutic


Coming from a well-known manufacturer, this leg spa massager brings features and characteristics that seem impressive, alongside the robust and durable, but unappealing build. Maybe it’s the brownish/burgundy color combination, or the cube design, but it doesn’t score much on the visual side.

The machine packs two jets, two motorized rollers, and acupressure nodes. The jets are weak; the water movement is not as advertised. The rollers don’t vibrate, but on the other hand, they rotate quite well. No levels in the rotation though, and no magnetic therapy as well.

Speaking of the size, manufacturer advertises up to 12 size feet, and we can confirm that. Feet width-based, it’s around 4.4-inch per feet, so it’s spacious. If you’re larger than size 12, you’ll have problems fitting in.

Speaking of heating, there are three heat settings, all controlled by the button interface on the device itself. Warming up can be quite slow, so it’s advised to pour mild to warm water to speed it up. Expect no bubbles from these jets. Zero.

Next, there are programs and remote-control function – this motorized foot and leg spa bath massager doesn't have any. Heating is the only thing that can be adjusted. The device is safe for usage of salts and oils and has a tube at the back for draining the water.

Overall, it lacks features, but the feeling of the warm massage is good.

We Liked:

  • The rollers feel nice
  • Splash cover

We Didn’t Like:

  • Lack of features
  • Price (especially when we consider the features)

#2. Foot Bath Massager FM3830A by PIBBS


Here comes the next contestant, boasting a modern look and colourful approach – the FM3839A by PIBBS. This one boasts a clean, white look combined with blue details, which looks decent. The plastic used for the build is of decent quality.

FM3830A doesn’t have any water jets but boasts several vibrating nodes which can be quite harsh and unpleasant if you have sensitive feet. There are two attachment rubber insoles as well.

You can expect to submerge your feet up to four-inch depth, depending on your feet size. This foot spa machine can house feet up to size 13, which is quite good. If you do have feet this large, expect to have some struggle fitting in.

The heating function is the FM3830A’s biggest selling point. It works wonders, and can even go too hot on occasions. Warming up is quick and very efficient, so you’ll have to be careful. You won’t have any bubbles in this foot spa machine, but the water still moves through.

Speaking of programs and remote-control feature, this foot spa machine can offer three different therapies for your feet: solo vibration, water circulation and heat, and all three. The remote controller is something you won't find here, the foot-activated functioning either. You’ll have to bend every time you want to change a setting.

Draining the water must go the old-fashioned way – you’ll have to pick up the machine and spill the used water in the tub or toilet. Overall, this device is perfect for people who like warm spa sessions, and nothing more.

We Liked:

  • Design
  • Heating

We Didn’t Like:

  • No bubbles
  • No remote
  • No draining assistance

#3. All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager MS0810M by Kendal


Skin-colored, odd-placed rollers, round shape and quite the room for feet – those are the first impressions that this device makes. Coming from a well-known manufacturer, this foot spa machine offers a contemporary (old-like) design and neutral colors that its targeted group will probably accept and adore.

Speaking of features, we start with the water jets -there are none. The air bubble jets are there though, placed on the bottom in the pink stripes with 20 holes per foot. They function quite good

Next, there are the two robust rollers, which can (luckily) be removed. If you have sensitive feet, you’ll want them out asap. Vibration feature is there as well.

Next, let’s talk about size. MS0810M provides quite a space for feet and advertises for sizes up to men’s 14, which is quite good. Definitely spacious enough.

Next, there are heaters – this foot spa machine warms up the water quickly, and keeps it that way. Special air bubble jets will provide a luxurious bubble experience. Because of them, usage of salts and oils is not recommended. Some users reported that they had used salts without problems, though.

The device comes with three programmed settings: Vibration & Infrared lights / Heat & Bubbles / All Together. You won’t enjoy the remote spa treatment, though – there’s no remote in the package.

Holes for draining have been excluded from the build, but the overall shape makes it easy to drain. Overall, MS0810M is a decent product, with quality features

We Liked:

  • Space for feet
  • Heating
  • Programs
  • Bubbles

We Didn’t Like:

  • No remote
  • No draining assistance

#4. All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager FBD1023 by Kendal


This one from Kendal comes with a modern design, worthy of 2017. White plastic with purple elements catches the eye, alongside the foot rest platform, various buttons and LED display. FBD1023 seems like a quality product. Let’s see what it offers to the shopper.

First of all, the product comes with two pairs of motorized rollers, one pair for your feet, and one for your calves. They can work in synergy, based on the programs, and both feel very comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, this foot spa machine can accommodate feet up to men’s size 16, which is quite amazing.There are air nozzles for bubbles, and one water jet per foot included. The water circulates, but the jets aren’t strong. Same goes for bubbles – they could have been stronger, especially when we look at the price.

Vibration feature is missing out, but the heaters are of high-quality. You can adjust the temperature on the LED screen from 20 to 48 degrees Celsius, and do it via a full remote controller. Heating is done by PTC semiconductor, which warms the water efficiently. There’s an overheating protection feature.

Pre-installed programs include heat / bubble / motorized rollers / waterfall / waves. Finally, the product features the self-drainage system, which is really handy.

We Liked:

  • Very spacious
  • Great rollers
  • Remote controller
  • Self-draining

We Didn’t Like:

  • Weak bubbles
  • Pricey

#5. All-In-One Foot Spa Machine MS0809M from Kendal


Kendal’s products are trendy these days. The MS0809M is one of the hottest foot spa machines lately, thanks to the significant discount available. By the looks of it, MS0809M looks like the previous product we reviewed, the FBD1023. From the first look, it’s a bit smaller, colored differently, and doesn’t have a LED display, and a foot rest.

What it does have are the very nice and comfy motorized rollers on the bottom, paired with air bubble jets and infrared light treatment devices. The central part of this foot spa massager contains a vibrating and scent-dispersing unit, which might get in the way if you have chunky feet, but is a nice addition.

The product can house feet up to the size of men 14, which isn’t accurate. Feet this big won’t fit – even size 13 feet can’t enter the massager. Space could be a bit larger nevertheless.Heating is solved by PTC heating semiconductor, which does its job very good.

There are no heat settings though; you just have on/off switch.There are three pre-installed programs for massage, combining vibration, heating, and oxygen bubble massage. No remote comes in the package, though.

MS0809M features self-drainage system, quite handy to have, especially if you connect it to your bathroom drainage.Overall, this is a cheaper variation of FBD1023, decent enough to provide a quality massage and cheap enough for everyone’s pocket.

We Liked:

  • PriceHeater
  • Rollers
  • Self-draining system

We Didn’t Like:

  • Weak bubbles
  • No remote
  • Not spacious

Which is the best foot spa machine?

After completing the review of all five foot spa massagers, taking the guidelines we elaborated on in the previous section into consideration, the solution comes quite easily and naturally. The Kendal’s FBD1023 is the best foot spa machine you can get in this moment. The features it brings are well worth its price, since it’s the only one with all the checkboxes ticked.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, the cheaper MS0809M will provide enough bang for the buck, and help you have delightful spa sessions every day. Help your feet and get yourself one of these machines and you won’t make a mistake.

Which of the machines did you like the most? Would you recommend another one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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