What Is The Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies? Bottles And Bottle Warmer

Many new mothers might mistakenly assume that since they are breastfeeding, no bottles are necessary for baby. Actually, this is often not the case, especially in a world full of working mothers. Even if you are planning to breastfeed or currently breastfeeding, you may need bottles so that others can feed your little one in case you are at work, away for a short time, or to split up night feeding between mom and dad. In these cases and others, you’ll want to best bottle warmer and best bottles for breastfed babies.

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Finding The Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies

Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between formula baby bottles and breastfed baby bottles. When a baby is used to feeding from the breast, it can be difficult for them to adjust to a bottle, because it is nothing like an actual nipple. Bottles designed for breastfed babies show a much closer resemblance to an actual breast and give off milk in a similar manner. These characteristics won’t be found in regular formula bottles.

So, what do you want to look for when you’re on the hunt for the best bottles for breastfed babies? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Realism Of The Bottle

Bottles that are closer in style and feel to true breasts are likely to be better accepted by most breastfed babies. If the bottles are shaped differently or too foreign feeling, some babies won’t want anything to do with them!

  • Texture

Smooth or soft nipples are generally preferred rather than those that feel too rubbery, rough, or otherwise unpleasant. The texture can affect how much noise the bottle makes during use as well as how comfortable your baby is drinking from the nipple.

  • Milk Flow

Babies that are used to breastfeeding are not going to like nipples that restrict or limit the milk flow too much. Instead, a lot of breastfed babies prefer nipples that let the baby get as much or as little milk as they want each time.

  • Safety

Make sure that all bottles you use are made from food-safe plastics that are okay with getting cooled down and re-heated again many times, as well as sterilized repeatedly.

  • Size

This is mainly up to you as the parent, but most parents use bottles that are large enough for only one feeding, as it’s not a good idea to save milk for too long for multiple feedings.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

You will be cleaning and re-using the same milk bottles very frequently, so you should find something that is easy to clean and sterilize. This will make everything easier for you, instead of you struggling to clean the bottles every day.

What To Look For In The Best Bottle Warmer

Along with bottles for your baby, it’s a great idea to look for bottle warmers. There are lots of good methods for warming up milk bottles (do not microwave them!), but none are quite as easy as the bottle warmer. These devices work really well to get the milk to a drinkable temperature as quickly as possible. So, what makes the best bottle warmer for breastmilk bottles? Check out these aspects of it:

  • Speed

How quickly does the warmer work? If you frequently have night feedings from a bottle in the fridge, you’ll want one that works fairly quickly so that you can put your baby back to sleep as soon as possible. If this is not really an issue for you, a slower warmer might also be okay.The downside to choosing a faster bottle warmer is you may be tempted to use one with higher temperatures. But, if you overheat the milk than you risk damaging the nutritional content of the milk, so it’s best to find a good balance.

  • Adaptability

If you’re planning on feeding your baby from a food jar, some bottle warmers are actually able to warm jars up as well as milk bottles. This is a great way to make meal times easier for your baby as they’re growing, without you having to spend a larger chunk of money.

  • Safety

Bottle warmers operate differently in order to get the milk to the right temperature. Find out how safe a device is for use by how it works and what kind of safety measures are in place. Does it use steam or a heating element? How high of a temperature does it reach at maximum?

  • Cleaning

Bottle warmers also need to be cleaned regularly, as they will be coming in contact with milk bottles a lot. Easy cleaning and sterilization (if necessary) will be a big time-saving plus.

  • Size

Parents that do a lot of traveling will probably prefer a smaller, more compact bottle warmer that’s easier to travel with. Also, if space is limited in your house than you might look for one that takes up less counter space. Otherwise, this is not much of an issue in the performance of the device.

Top 6 Best Bottles And Bottle Warmer For Breastfed Babies


Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

​One downside that was mentioned about this set of bottles is that there are a lot of little pieces and separate parts that must be cleaned and sanitized. Some parents won’t mind this at all, but if that’s something you’d rather avoid than this may not be a great bottle set for you.


  • Made with safe plastics and materials
  • Design helps reduce colic symptoms, spit-up, gas, and burping
  • Various other attachments and accessories can be bought that are compatible with these bottles
  • Many breast pumps can pump milk directly into the bottles
  • Set includes everything you need for the first 6 months


  • Nipple design can cause some leaks when the bottle is returned to upright position after feeding
  • There are a lot of small parts to deal with in this bottle set that make it inconvenient to clean

Comotomo Bottle Set

Comotomo baby bottles are intended to closely resemble a breast. This can be very helpful if your baby regularly rejects bottles and you’re having trouble finding one that they will take. The vented nipple help babies get only the milk out of the bottle without also taking along the air bubbles that can build up and cause gas and colic symptoms.

A common complaint with the bottles is that the soft milk carrying pouch does make it easier for the bottles to tip over. Sometimes if you’re trying to screw the top back on or if you accidentally bump it softly, you may spill the contents from the bottle.


  • Designed to resemble a breast more closely than many other newborn bottles
  • May reduce colic in babies, as well as other unpleasant problems like gas
  • Easy to clean and sterilize because of the wide neck and flexible milk pouch
  • Bottles are soft and moveable, easy for baby to grip and play with during feedings


  • Bottles are top-heavy and can tip over more easily than some other bottles
  • The soft design for the milk pouch does not work well with bottle warmers

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles

Glass baby bottles like these are great for your baby, because they are safe and non-toxic, easy to clean, and sturdy. The plastic and silicone used for the nipple are made with safe materials that are shaped to simulate a breast. Air vents are built into the nipple to help reduce air bubbles in the milk while your baby is drinking.

Some parents had issues with the plastic lids for the bottles. They are not all well fitted, so they will not fully tighten when you twist them on. This was not an issue for everyone, but it seems that some bottles can malfunction this way.


  • Glass is easier to clean and sterilize than plastic
  • Bottles are very durable and can easily survive long drops
  • Nipple does closely resemble a real breast, making it a great fit for breastfeeding moms
  • The smooth shape of the bottle is easy to hold in your hand, even for older babies
  • Wide neck design is easy to manage with milk and cleaning


  • Heavier than most plastic baby bottes
  • Some lids don’t fit properly on the bottle and may leak

This is a steam-operated bottle warmer that takes all of the guessing out of warming up your baby’s milk. All you have to do to use it is put in the right amount of water, which is indicated on the included water measuring vial, and push the button. Once the milk is warmed, it automatically shuts off. Most bottles can be used with this warmer, including wide, narrow, or angled bottles.

On the negative side, the heating system on this machine doesn’t allow for precise temperatures, which can often lead to overheating milk. If you want to heat it less, you add less water. The more water you add, the warmer the bottle will get. This is not a great system for anyone who wants to get the process done very quickly.


  • Warms most bottle shapes and sizes, compatible with many top brands
  • Includes measuring cup for easy water measurements
  • Warms baby food jars and bottles alike
  • Very quick at warming bottles and baby food jars
  • Can be used for other needs as well, such as warming massage oils
  • Simplistic and non-complex design


  • No temperature gauge included, so it’s not very precise and may overheat milk
  • Milk temperature is based on how much water you put into the device

Instead of using steam, this bottle warmer keeps a reservoir of water and creates a warm, running bath around the bottle that warms it up. This allows a steadier warming and helps to prevent overheating the milk or baby food. The reservoir does not need to be filled up each time you use the device, making it a convenient choice for night time feedings and for parents with busy schedules.

If you don’t keep the water filled properly in the chamber, you may get issues with the pump and heating mechanisms. Although you don’t have to fill it every time you use it, you have to maintain a right water level or else you risk ruining your device.


  • Works well with most bottle shapes, sizes, and brands
  • Can warm up milk storage bags straight from the fridge or freezer
  • Safer than a steam heater, and operates on a precise temperature range
  • Water level is easy to view through water chamber


  • Not as quick as a steam warming unit
  • Customer service for this product is mixed, with some very bad experiences and some good ones

The cute and unusual shape of this bottle warmer is quick to catch your eye. It can fit a lot of different sizes of bottles, and it doesn’t take up very much counter space at all. This is a steam unit that heats the milk up with just the press of a button. An automatic shut-off valve helps you to overheating your milk or baby food by accidentally ignoring it. The measuring vial for filling the steam reservoir is included with the device.

As with most other steam bottle warmers, it can be very hard to heat the milk to a precise level. You can easily overheat or underheat the bottles if you are not careful to measure the levels of water just right.


  • Basket for baby food jars is included with the device
  • Non-skid base makes it to keep the device stable on your countertop
  • Little surface space is needed for keeping the machine set up on the counter
  • Made from safe plastic materials that are easy to clean
  • Compatible with most breast milk storage bags for thawing


  • Needs to rest up to 10 minutes between warmings
  • Getting the heat levels right is difficult with the imprecise turn dial


​From the products I just reviewed, my opinion is that the best bottle for breastfed babies is the Comotomo bottle set. This is a sturdy, safe product that’s easy for you and your baby to use and enjoy. It’s also very easy to store, clean, and sanitize whenever necessary. The nipples are designed to be very life-like making, which also makes it a clear choice for breastfed babies.

​The best bottle warmer is the KiindeKozii warmer. I like that it uses a flowing water bath instead of steam, as steam is more dangerous and less precise. It’s very low maintenance, because you only have to add water when the reservoir is getting low, not every time you use it. It’s compatible with most bottle and bag types as well, so it’s convenient for a lot of parents.

​These accessories are some of the best you can get when you need bottles for your breastfed baby. The transition to a bottle will be much easier, and any feedings will be made faster when you have the ability to quickly warm up the milk you need straight from the fridge.

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