How Long Does Ativan Stay In Your System

Ativan is knew as Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine drug that has been on the market since the year 1977 and is known to prescribed to help patients treat anxiety. It is known to be effective in treating anxiety if used for a short period. The problem only occurs when the duration of the medication is extended. Some of the most common problems that are related to taking Ativan for an extended period are dependence, memory impairment, and dementia.


Precaution When Taking Ativan

Ativan is often associated with drugs with a quick onset of addiction, abuse, and tolerance. This is the reason why it is labeled as one of the most addictive medicine on the market today. That is why it is strongly advisable that there is a medical professional supervising the person who is taking Ativan to minimize addiction. When taken, the patient has a noticeable increase in psychological and physical relaxation.

If you have been taking Ativan, you are probably one of the many people who are concerned about how you can get the medication out of you. Upon stopping, the majority of the Ativan users are experiencing certain withdrawal symptoms and should strongly be monitored by a healthcare professional. The reason behind this is because discontinuing this medication can trigger death or seizures.

How Long Does Ativan Stay In Your System

According to reliable sources, Ativan has an average life of 12 hours, which means that it will take 2.75 days for Ativan to leave your system fully. There are also some that are saying that it can take 3.59 days before the medication exits your system.

In reality, there are certain factors that can influence the Ativan’s duration in your system. Get to know them by reading the information provided below:

Age Of A Person

One of the factors that can affect the Ativan’s duration in your system is your age. According to studies, a person’s age can strongly influence the Ativan’s rate that is being excreted from your body. Typically individuals who are older have a 22% slower rate compared to people who are younger. The reason behind this can be related to health conditions, metabolic rate, blood flow, and as well as the functionality of their organ.

Genetics Of A Person

Another is the ability of the Ativan to be metabolized based on the person’s genetics. There may be individuals who can metabolize the drug rapidly due to the part of the genes that regular concrete functions of the kidney and liver. People who have a poor metabolizer can take longer to excrete Ativan out of their system.

Weight And Height Of A Person

A person’s weight and height can also play a role in the elimination time of Ativan out of your system. For instance, a person who is light and short may take the time to excrete the drug out of its body. People who are overweight can discharge Ativan out of their bodies in a rapid manner.

Rate Of Metabolism

People who have a high metabolism has the ability to process Ativan quicker than those who have a slower metabolism. This may be because people with a high metabolic rate can break down the Ativan rapidly

Dosage Of The Ativan Provided

People who have a high metabolism has the ability to process Ativan quicker than those who have a slower metabolism. This may be because people with a high metabolic rate can break down the Ativan rapidly

How Frequent Ativan Is Used

The frequency that you are using Ativan will also play a major role in excreting the medicine out of your system. A person who will take 3 Ativan per day will take longer to excrete the drug, compared to an individual who only takes one.

Other Supplements Or Drugs

If you are taking supplements or other drugs together with Ativan, you should know that the absorption can be influenced by this. This concludes alcohol can only impair the Ativan’s glucuronide conjugation, which will reduce the excretion rates by 18%.

How Is Ativan Excreted And Metabolized

Once you have ingested Ativan orally, it will then be slowly absorbed due to the reduced lipid of solubility. The drug will then start binding to the proteins until it reaches the level of plasma in direct to the dose’s proportion that has been administered. This means that the higher the dose, the higher the levels of plasma. Also, it is estimated that 74.5% of Ativan is excreted as a lorazepam glucuronide by the person’s kidney and will then be eliminated through the urine.

After five days of ingesting Ativan, almost 955 of the dose will have been excreted entirely via feces and urine. After a week, Ativan will be eliminated in a person’s body or can start to remain undetectable.


These are all the information on how long does Ativan stay in your system. These are all the reasons why more and more people are instantly discontinuing their use of the drug. This can cause problems that can also be fatal. That is why it is strongly advisable to consult your doctor before stopping Ativan or any other medication to avoid certain effects that can further harm you and your overall health.

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