Acupressure Points To Reduce Hair Fall (2018)

Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. Everyone seems to suffer from extreme hair loss losing clumps of hair every time they wash their hair or comb their hair.Losing a few strands is normal but more than a few strands may be a cause for concern.


There are many reasons why you have severe hair fall. Some of the reasons are hereditary, poor diet, poor blood circulation problem, some specific medications, dandruff, hormonal fluctuations and general ill health.

Instead of ignoring the state of your health, we should give more importance to this condition. Thankfully, Reflexology comes to our aid and makes re-growth of hair a distinct possibility. Just activating a few acupressure points to reduce hair fall can re-energize the nerve ends and stimulate hair growth.

It is inexpensive and it works, can’t say the same of the more expensive treatments that claim so many things but deliver nothing. Hair growth stimulation is in your hands or rather at your fingertips. Start your hair re-growth treatment procedure with acupressure points to reduce hair fall and change the way your crowning glory looks forever.

Acupressure Treatment for Minimizing Hair Fall

The Paihui point

Find this point right in the middle of your scalp. Yes, almost all the pressure points for hair growth are all in this area. Most of the pressure points related to the hair re-growth are present near this area. Wrap ten toothpicks in a rubber band. Use this potent tool to stimulate the Paihui, be gentle so that you do not end up hurting yourself. This increases the circulation of your head.

Massage the Paihui Point

This is a very sensitive point so massage on this point, gently. You won’t believe what a 5-minute massage on this area everyday can do to your hair. Place all your fingers on the Paihui. Now very gently move your fingers in the vertical direction from the forehead to behind your scalp. Gentle is the way to go, soft hands can provide a great degree of relaxation and also a growth of hair in a short time.

A Gentle Head Massage with Ample Growth of Hair

Gentle circular movements on the Paihuiare all you need to ensure the thick growth of hair. Knead with your fingers, remember not to use your nails, massage all through your head, and keep it firm as you gently move away from the Paihui. This is a great stress-buster and puts you into relax mode. A massage around this area is greatly effective as the massage points are around this area.

Hair Massage:

When we were kids we never quite looked forward to the head massage days when our hair was thoroughly oiled and our entire head was given an invigorating rub. Well, we didn’t know then, now we know that not only did it relax you and make you more stress-free but it also increased your concentration considerably. Well, in order to get a headful of thick hair, you have to start a massaging schedule all over again. In today's stressful times, this is a key to stay stress-free at all times.

If you need a good rub on your hair, ask your mom or friend or spouse to massage your head gently.

The Head and Neck Joint

This is a very potent acupressure point in your body as it helps the growth of hair. Called the hollow point it can be located on the hairline near the neck. Use your fingers to locate a tiny hollow area. Use your thumb to apply pressure in this area. Keep applying the pressure least 5 minutes. Then release the pressure slowly, and experience a gradual transformation in your mind and body. This is an incredible point for inducing hair growth.

The Middle of the Scalp Point

Right where you spot the hollow point, draw an imaginary line to the midpoint of your scalp to the end of the hairline. There is not one but numerous points in this linear line from the middle of the scalp to the end of your hairline, much like the Paihui. Trace the line in this area all the while rubbing it gently. A mere 3-minute massage can produce impeccable results, provided you keep at it with regularity.

Hairline Massage:

The hairline on your forehead has a host of pressure points which stimulates the luxuriant growth of hair. Use your fingers to tap on this area giving it a gentle massage. This serves two purposes, gets rid of stress and also stimulates new hair growth.

The hairline on your forehead has a host of pressure points which stimulates the luxuriant growth of hair. Use your fingers to tap on this area giving it a gentle massage. This serves two purposes, gets rid of stress and also stimulates new hair growth.

The whole scalp, in fact, is a veritable receptacle for potent pressure points that induce growth and also improve your blood pressure levels. Also, don’t feel intimidated by the fact that you have to try all the pressure points at one go. Be gentle and gradually build up your hair massage routine. A few minutes a day is all you need, and make it part of your daily routine. Like everything else, consistency is the key. Most of the pressure points are not only to induce hair growth but also it helps bust stress. Stress is a killer and can affect your health in so many ways, that is why these points are so very important.

Also, build good hair habits. Luxuriant thick hair is a result of a large number of things, acupressure is one but vital aspect of your hair care regime. There are other aspects too. Regular oiling is one of them. Also, eating nutritious food and having a solid exercise routine, including Yoga inversion techniques can boost your crowning glory.

Give your hair a regular massage with a mixture of oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, mustard oil or olive oil not only boosts hair growth but also improves the texture of your hair.

Your hair deserves your attention and the sooner you start taking care of it, the better it is for your hair health, as it will stop hair fall and induce hair growth at the same time. Take care!

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