7 Effective Ways To Stop Picking Your Lips

While lip picking is not an especially bad problem, it’s an annoying habit for you that will probably end up ruining the skin on your lips. This habit can cause sensitive skin, bleeding lips, and generally unhealthy skin all over your lip, so it’s actually a habit you can really benefit from ending.


I’ve compiled this list to help you get some ideas about how to stop picking your lips. If you try some of these tricks, you may be able to have more control over your habit and stop it entirely.

7 Steps to Stop Picking Your Lips

1. Understand Why You Do It

Not only is it important to find the underlying cause of your lip picking habit before you try to stop it, you may actually be able to get rid of the habit simply by understanding yourself more. What is your trigger for lip picking?

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Why do you do it and in what circumstances do you feel compelled to do it? Once you figure out a bit more about why you engage in this habit in the first place, you will have more control over what you’re doing during those times and situations

​2. Reduce Stress Levels

​Most people engage in lip picking when they feel stressed by something. The relationship between stress and all sorts of fidgeting is quite strong. Stress fidgeting, such as lip picking, can help give your brain something to focus on when your body is overwhelmed by the extra hormones released during stressful times in life. 

Reducing your stress levels can be simple and will have a definite effect on your lip picking habit if stress is one of the underlying reasons why you do it.

Stress relief techniques can mean starting a new habit like taking a short walk every day, practicing yoga, cooking, reading a book, or anything else that you can do that makes you feel more relaxed and relieves your tension. Other times it may be necessary to lighten your work load or responsibilities.

This is not possible for some people, but if you are overloaded by too many things to do each day, you may consider reorganizing your life and cutting something out of it instead of trying to juggle everything.Stress doesn’t just cause bad habits like lip picking. It can also control your life and place you at a higher risk of experiencing certain medical issues later on in life.

​3. Pay Attention to What Your Hands Are Doing

​Most of the time you will be subconsciously picking your lips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch yourself in the act. It’s possible to track your habits and pay attention to what you’re doing even if you are doing it with your subconscious mind.

If you realize that you’re picking your lips, make yourself stop. Doing this every time you notice it will help you to notice the habit more often and put an end to it eventually.

4. Pick Up a New Nervous Habit

It’s difficult to sit completely still when you’re stressed or nervous. If these are the times you usually find yourself picking at your lips, then you need to try to distract yourself with a new behavior to replace this one. You can find something productive to do, such as simple exercises, knitting or crocheting, reading etc. 

You can do something else similarly distracting such as finger drumming, tapping your foot, or otherwise. If you can get yourself to start a new behavior instead of lip picking, you will be able to stop more easily.

5. Take Care of Your Lips

When you have dead skin that you can feel on your lips or loose skin ready to be peeled away, it’s difficult to avoid the instinctive urge to pick at it. Those that take better care of their lips can avoid this problem by largely eliminating any unhealthy skin being on their lips. Caring for your lips properly is easier than you might think and can help to stop your bad habit.

Lip care includes things like moisturizing with lip balm or high quality chap stick, removing dead skin from the lips in a safe and healthy way, avoiding chemical-filled products that may be harmful, and avoiding sunburn on the lips.

Tip: Dead skin cells on your lips can be removed with a soft toothbrush and water. Wet the brush and rub it in small circles around the entire surface of your lips.

6. Use Soothing Lip Products

Besides the regular lip care, soothing products might be what you need if you have lip trouble such as dry and chapped lips or sunburnt lips. Natural, soothing products are important if you want the best effects that won’t give you any reason to feel like picking at your lip skin.

It’s easy to make your own lip balms that are free from any harmful ingredients. Natural products have a much better record of truly improving the quality of your lip skin and producing lasting effects, rather than just giving you temporary relief that will wear off before the end of the day.

7. Move Your Lips More Often

As funny as it sounds, something as simple as moving your lips around more frequently during the day will help you to stop picking at them. This is because moving your lips will help you become more aware of them throughout the day, leading you to stop the lip picking as you will be aware of when you are doing it and when you aren’t.

It may seem a bit funny at first, but put those lips to work and get them moving and stretching more than usual for a better chance of kicking the lip picking habit!


If you want to know how to stop lip picking, there’s a good chance that your answer is listed here. Try out these methods and see if you can kick the habit like others before you have. Hopefully this list I’ve compiled can help you to get rid of your bad habit and get you on the way to healthier, better looking lips free of being picked at!

Do you have any questions or suggested additions to the list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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