Yoga Poses for Cancer Recovery

Yoga is a highly rated post-surgery cancer care technique. Every cancer survivor will choose to talk with their doctor about the best practices for their unique condition. As a trainer, your best shot lies in offering standard practices.

In that case, have a credible tech company such as Gymcatch install a fitness instructor software to save time and train as many clients as you can. Although the fight against cancer is not easy, your clients must understand that giving up can never be an option. 

While yoga may not be a cure for cancer, it enhances emotional and physical wellness and allows patients to live better with cancer. Install scheduling software or a booking system today to engage them in poses that will help keep the disease at bay. Some of the responses to this life-changing condition include:

•           Emotional distress

•           Depression and anxiety

•           Pain, nausea and fatigue

•           Low self-confidence

Yoga is an ancient healing practice that recognises this and gives psychological support to patients, helping them overcome the negative effects. A large number of cancer centres today offer wellness programs, so you must up your game to gain trust and credibility. Here are some of the tried and tested cancer postures.

 Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Also known as Supta Baddha Konasana, the reclining angle pose is one of the most effective practices for cancer patients. This practice opens the chest and enhances breathing. Here is a how-to guide:

•           Get into a sitting position, extend your legs, bend your knees and join your feet soles together

•           Bring your knees down in a falling position as far as you can go but comfortably

•           Lean backward and relax your elbows on the floor at an angle of 45 degrees

•           Close your eyes and begin to inhale and release your breath slowly as you allow your body to stretch

•           Stay in that position for 20-30 seconds

Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose (Bitilasana-Marjaryasana) is great for the chest and back and is often included in almost every fitness instructor software. You are free to make the moves as small or big as you can and be sure to sync your movement to calm your nervous system. As you get deeper into this pose, your chest muscles will begin to stretch out and your back muscles will feel great. Here is a guide. 

•           Your pose should begin with your hands and knees

•           Curve your spine outward and exhale

•           Look up as you move

•           Inhale and curve your back inwards

•           Face down

•           Repeat the movement 

Seated Meditation

This is an excellent pose for beginners because it helps a cancer survivor to focus on their breathing and mindfulness. It is recommended for women's health and men's health. 

•           Begin with a sitting position on flat ground and cross your legs infront of you

•           Close your eyes and feel the bones in contact with the floor

•           Pull your spine up to sit tall and then drop your chin slowly just a little to a allow your neck to be in line with your spine

•           Take a deep breath as you inhale and exhale, trying to keep your mind focused without thinking about anything

Frog pose

Also referred to as mandukasana, frog pose is a highly effective practice for both men's health and women's health, particularly for fitness management. Although anyone can practice this pose, cancer patients should do it at least 5-7 times daily. 

•           Begin by sitting in a vajrasana posture

•           On both hands, clench your fists and press your thumbs inside the fingers

•           As you press the navel with your fists, exhale and bend forward

•           Stay in that position for a few seconds and getback to vajrasana pose

Corpse Pose

Also known as the savasana pose, the corpse practice starts and ends with savasana. This is a relaxing pose that relieves the muscles of stress and tension. It is also great at controlling the heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. This pose also stimulates relaxation in the mind. 

•           Grab a pillow and place it at one end of your yoga mat

•           Lie flat on the mat on your back and relax your head on the pillow

•           Flatten your legs on the mat and stretch your feet on each side

•           Put your knees in a twisted position and stretch your hands on each side of the mat with palms facing up

•           Inhale deeply for a few minutes 

The Bridge Pose 

The bridge pose (setubudhasana) enhances spinal flexibility and strengthens the spine. It is also excellent at stimulating circulation and relaxation.

•           Lie flat on your back on a level ground

•           Tilt your knees upward and apart, and take the soles of your feet parallel on the matnear your butt

•           Raise your hips and move your hands beside your body

Snake Pose

This is also referred to as Bhujangasana and is known as the “Rising Snake pose.”In this pose, your body should appear as if rising like a snake. If any patient has undergone abdominal surgery as a result of cancer, this pose should be avoided. Before performing it, the patient must wait for at least 6 months to one year.

•           Lying down on a flat surface, push the floor with your hands and focus your forehead to the front

•           Raise your abdomen slowly and take a deep breath

•           Continue to raise your head and chest slowly

•           Remain in that position for about 15-30 seconds

•           Exhale slowly as you get back to the ground

•           Anyone in post-surgery cancer care should repeat this at least 5-7 times daily for fitness management

Monkey Pose

Monkey pose (Markatasana) is a practice that must be performed very carefully. It may be a little difficult for some but very effective for cancer treatment. Patients can live better with cancer by practicing this pose between 5 and 6 times daily. 

•           Begin by lying down and spreading both hands at the shoulder level

•           Keep your palms open and face up

•           Fold your legs and knees keeping them close to your hips

•           Turn your knees to the right and rest the right knee on the floor

•           Rest the left knee on your right knee

•           The left ankle has to be rested on the right one

Yoga is a therapy that aids cancer patients in alleviating symptoms and improving their quality of life. Not only is it effective for women’s health but men’s health too. If you are running a yoga platform, Gymcatch can help you build a scheduling software and a yoga class booking system to make it easy for you and your clients.


How Camomile Tea Helps With Eczema

Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases in existence. Also referred to as atopic dermatitis, it is a condition of the skin that manifests as severe itching. It also causes dryness and thickening of the skin. The origin of the skin condition is yet to be discovered. However, its onset leads to recurring dryness and itching. The itchiness that results from the illness creates such an uncomfortable sensation that if left untreated, can lead to severe issues. The treatment of this condition involves the use of steroid creams and medicinal plants. Camomile is one of the most common treatments. On this blog post, we discuss camomile as a treatment for atopic dermatitis and its other benefits. 


Some of the main causes of these skin conditions include; 


2.Abnormality in the functioning of the immune system

3.Abnormality in the barriers of the skin that may allow the moisture to exit the skin and germs to enter

4.Diseases of the endocrine systems line thyroid illness

5.Use of cosmetic products that may cause allergic responses and irritation of the skin

6.Environmental conditions like heat 

The condition can be caused by either one or a combination of the causes mentioned above.


Below are some major symptoms;


2.Cracking- may start as mild and develop into deep and severe cracks known as fissures

3.Scaling- causes the surface of the skin to flake off

4.Dryness- results from the scaling

5.Blisters- mostly filled with fluids that can ooze

6.Redness- may result in bleeding and blotchiness of the affected are 


The most common treatments for this and other skin conditions are vegan skincare products. Some of the common remedies include the use of coconut oil and aloe vera. Castor oil, Epsom salt soak, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and camomile are also possible treatments for the skin illness. All the remedies mentioned above are known as natural moisturiser. By moisturising the skin, it helps to prevent dryness which is a symptom of the skin condition.

Camomile as a Treatment

For years, camomile has been used for the treatment of this condition of the skin. Sond skin mentions camomile teaas a food for eczema. It is according to a blog post on the official sond skin website. Sond is a UK based company that works towards providing clients with tips for promoting skincare. The vegan remedy (camomile) can be used in the form of a tea or a cream. Camomile-based creams are moderately effective for the treatment of this particular condition of the skin. Camomile contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve discomforts brought about by the skin disease.

A Guide to Using Camomile as a Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

1.Put a camomile tea bag in hot water for a maximum of five minutes

2.Let the tea bag cool at room temperature

3.Place it on the affected areas on the skin

4.Let the tea bag sit on the affected area for about twenty minutes

5.Repeat this organic skincare guide for three or more weeks 

You can also choose to make tea from the tea bags and use the treatment orally. In such a case, the following tips would come in handy;

1.Place the tea bags in a cup and add boiling water

2.Let the tea bags steep

3.Add sugar (optional) and let it cool to your preferred temperature before drinking it

Other Benefits of Camomile Tea 

In addition to organic skincare, are some of the numerous benefits of camomile tea; 

1.The health tea is packed with volatile oils, the likes of matricin and bisabolol, which have therapeutic properties. It, therefore, helps to reduce stress, insomnia and anxiety.

2.The tea is also rich in apigenin which helps in the inhibition of tumour growths. Such tumours include skin, breast and prostate

3.It also helps to treat inflammation around the eyes and other infections like conjunctivitis and irritation

4.It also acts as an anti-toxin that helps to reduce gastrointestinal issues

5.Camomile contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, fluoride, and vitamin A. These elements are useful in promoting wellness. Therefore, if you are looking to lose some weight and cut down on curbs, this tea is a good way to go. These elements are also beneficial in burning fat.

6.It also acts as a natural moisturiser. Therefore, it can be referred to as a beauty, fashion or health product.

Keep in mind the fact that the tea is made using cruelty-free measures and does not contain any GMO products. Vegetarian and non - vegetarian GMO products are known to have adverse effects on the skin, according to popular fashion and beauty blogs. On the other hand, cruelty-free manufacturing is a factor that humanitarians find appealing. 


In addition to using camomile and other treatments, if you are suffering from this skin disorder, you may want to consider laying off some foods. According to Sond, some of these foods include wheat and barley. These foods are rich in yeast and gluten, which is known to make the condition worse. 

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