Where to Learn Microbiology Course Online?

Living matter cycles between soil and atmosphere while energy flows in an ecosystem enabling the gaseous and nutrient exchange between microbes. Living organisms that break down the dead and decayed matter and turn that into useful resources and nutrition for plants are called microorganisms or microbes. They can be observed by a microscope and this study is called microbiology. 

Research surrounding the character of microbes like evolution, behavior, physiology, and pathology is addressed in microbiology. Understanding microorganisms has helped mankind in medical advancements in drug formulations and the development of vaccines, and other important industries such as the food and beverage sector. 

Microbiology is now available in a virtual education format. Students can consider an online microbiology course taught by Dr. Sean Elliot

Useful and harmful microbes

Microbial action can be both useful and harmful depending on the type of microorganism, time, temperature, and other conditions. Bacteria and fungi help in decomposing the dead matter and turn it into organic manure rich in nutrients for plants. During the process of decomposition inorganic molecules are released into the atmosphere. Animals and humans depend on the plants that grow in the rich organic soil for nutrition. When they die, the cycle of living matter continues thus making it possible to convert dead back as fossil fuels, and other organic compounds that are essentially useful for the sustenance of life on the planet. 

Germs are harmful to humans, animals, and plants and cause diseases. They enter inside the body of the living organism and cripple its physiological functions that are required to sustain a healthy being. For instance, bacteria cause diarrhea, pneumonia, cholera, and plague. Chickenpox, cold, flu, and measles are spread by viruses. Fungal attack results in athlete's foot, ringworm, and skin infections. Food is spoiled by the spread of mold, fungus, and bacteria. 

Importance of microbiology studies

Microbiologists help in understanding the unseen microbes and help in devising strategies to counter their harmful impact and use them as bio-synthesizers in various fields like fertilizers, hemp textile processing, leather tanneries, and the food industry. Some of the areas where microbiology research has benefitted are:

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Pharma innovation in drug development underwent seachange when microbiology was introduced as a significant phase in formulating essential antibiotics, steroids, and vaccines. Antibiotics are produced by microbes as part of their metabolic cycle. This antibiotic substance is extracted in lab conditions and used in making the required drugs that help humans and animals combat infections. 

Vaccines help in fighting viral communicable diseases like the recent coronavirus. Polio and smallpox diseases are eradicated from the world through effective vaccination schedules followed by governments around the globe. Microbiology helps in preventing microbial contamination during the storage and handling stages of essential medicines. 

  • Biotechnology

The application of microbiology in the biotech industry is prevalent in every phase. Biotechnologists use microbes in processing products for a range of sectors like food, diet supplements, textile manufacturing, paper, disease prevention, alternate fuels, environment monitoring, and waste management. Using microbial action in food processing is an age-old practice, now used at a larger scale in food processing industries. 

Microbial biotech aids in genomics and DNA mapping to understand human diseases and conducive conditions that spread contamination. Genetic engineering is used to alter microbes' DNA to produce viable drugs and vaccines. 

Study hacks and tips

A science subject with an exhaustive syllabus presses the need for consistent and organized methods of studying. When a student learning microbiology devises a timetable to study microbiology regularly, a bit of syllabus is completed periodically and in time to revise again. Attending classes and taking notes helps students clear their doubts with the course instructor. When taking notes one can highlight or annotate the important points for future reference and review. One can make ready reckoner notes in short points, use mnemonics, and flashcards to memorize the lengthy syllabus easily. 

Online course for microbiology

Microbiology is subdivided broadly into two categories - pure and applied microbiology. Based on this classification many microbiology courses serve the purpose of teaching a few main areas as addendum courses that are even used for continuing education purposes. Most of such courses are online, and few of them are available as free courses often designed for self-paced learning. Here is a list of online courses in microbiology that one can pursue from anywhere:

  1. Harvard University

Harvard University offers many certification courses in microbiology that deal with applied science and are useful for anyone preparing for industry-related jobs. Most of these courses are free. A certificate attested by the university can be obtained with payment of a minimum fee by the desirous students. The topics covered under these free online certifications programs are: 

  • Case studies in functional genomics

  • Introduction to bioconductor

  • Advanced bioconductor

  • Food fermentation - the art of cooking with microbes

  • Cell Biology

Harvard’s commitment to offering the best concepts in science to learners without discrimination and helping people access the knowledge pool has enabled these microbiology courses to be available as audio tracks online. 

  1. MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a pioneer in virtual education that offers free online microbiology courses. Its course on cell therapy and its applied uses help in understanding stem cell therapy for microbiologists and researchers. Other cell therapies like CAR-T are the new age solutions for therapeutics in tissue culture and the development of lost limbs and organs. The course teaches not just the microbiology aspect but even the engineering and analytical chemistry behind the application of cell therapy. 

  1. CDCP Elearning series

Centers for disease control and prevention offers eLearning series in microbiology courses that are comprehensive and can be used as continuing education units. The courses offered are devised by fellow researchers with quantified experience in the given subject. A few topics that are part of the eLearning microbiology series are:

  • Basic microscopy

  • Routine microscopy 

  • Preparing culture media

  • Biochemicals and gram-positive and negative ID

Most of these courses are based on pure microbiology and will help in comprehending the basics


Microbiology is exhaustive, however, help is available, and one should not deter from approaching a professor if they don’t understand the subject.

Ketamine Treat Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Ketamine is used for treating depression in patients who have not responded to other forms of treatment. Although the side effects are mild, they can be debilitating. Some of the most common effects are drowsiness, blurred vision, double vision, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and short-lived anxiety reactions. There is no evidence to support the use of ketamine for the treatment of depression, but it is an FDA-approved drug. Many medications, like ketamine, develop off-label uses after the clinical experience.

Though Florida ketamine therapy has been used for anesthetic purposes for decades, its rise in popularity as a treatment for depression is relatively recent. The drug contains two mirror-image molecules and ketamine. Various studies have confirmed its effectiveness in treating mood disorders. In addition to treating depressive symptoms, ketamine can also be used to treat anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Antidepressant Action:

In a recent study, a group of researchers reported ketamine's rapid antidepressant action. The metabolite reversed depression-like behaviors in mice and did so without causing addictive or dissociative side effects. These results were obtained with the help of a team of scientists, including NIMH grantee Todd Gould of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and colleagues from NIH centers.

Ketamine helps depression through IV infusions. These treatments are highly effective and last for 90 minutes. However, it can be expensive, and most insurance companies do not cover it. The costs of six ketamine infusions over three weeks can reach $3,000 or more. Some practitioners and patients may prefer the IV form of the treatment over intranasal ketamine, but Krystal says there is not enough research to compare the two options.

Convenient Ketamine Treatment:

In a 2012 study, 105 people were treated with ketamine. In that study, 75 to 80% of patients reported a positive impact compared to those who received traditional depression medications. In addition, ketamine treatment is less expensive than electroconvulsive therapy and is more convenient than many other forms of medication. The researchers are still studying the drug's long-term effects on the brain. They have yet to prove whether ketamine helps depression or not.

Effects of Ketamine:

The effects of ketamine are not immediately apparent. Its long-term effects are still being studied. The antidepressant has been shown to be effective for many patients suffering from depression. The drug is also safe, and it is not addictive. A doctor will monitor patients closely and determine if ketamine is safe. The benefits of ketamine are generally not long-term. Ketamine treatment is not an effective treatment for severe depression.

Relieve Depression:

One study found that a single intranasal dose of ketamine can help people with depression who are resistant to other forms of treatment. It can also improve symptoms of suicidal behavior. In addition, it may help those who are depressed and feel hopeless. In the short-term, ketamine can help these people. It also has a long-term effect on chronic inflammation. If a person can overcome depression, ketamine treatment is effective for them.

While ketamine is not a first-line treatment for depression, it has shown promise in several clinical studies. In some cases, the drug acts quickly and can ease the psychological burden of depressed individuals. When a person's depression is severe, he or she may be unable to participate in meaningful psychotherapy. The medication can help them begin to recover. But if the depression is severe, ketamine cannot be prescribed in these cases.

Reduce Depression- Mostly in Women:

Women are more prone to stress and are more likely to develop depressed mood-related disorders than men. The reason is that women's brains undergo a greater range of hormonal fluctuations during their reproductive years than men. These hormonal changes affect brain chemistry, and ketamine is effective in shutting down the rapid "machine gun" firing of bad thoughts. It has also been discovered that ketamine can help a patient suffering from depression.

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In that case, have a credible tech company such as Gymcatch install a fitness instructor software to save time and train as many clients as you can. Although the fight against cancer is not easy, your clients must understand that giving up can never be an option. 

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